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Some bandom recs for the virginity kink_bingo square. Alphabetical because I'm like that.

Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We? by fiddleyoumust. Ian/Marshall. 2710 words.

A favourite sexual act of mine; a bunch of people all having sex in the same place, but separately.

For The First Time by ladyfoxxx. Mikey/Ray. 2679 words.

Really good porn. Also I love the kind of topping from the bottom aspect, where Mikey feels so confident and in control of the situation.

Girlfriend by alpheratz. Pete/Travis. 4253 words.

I don’t know. All I know is I said “yes, good” out loud after I finished reading it, which I think means everyone else has to read it to get that moment too.

Hold Off Your Bets Now by zee. Patrick/Pete 28 460 words.

One of the first fics I’ve read that has a character being celibate as compared to being a virgin. The fic is all about how that choice affects their relationship.

My Insides Are Copper by chaosmanor. Andy/Matt Mixon. 3457 words.

I’d talk about how much I enjoy fluid sexuality, and how Andy calls himself out on his beliefs on monosexism, but really I’m more caught up on ORGASM BY FINGERING. Favourite sexual act \o/

Patron Saint of Confused Young Men by coreopsis. Patrick/Matt Skiba. 6709 words.

Matt Skiba is the first guy that Patrick’s ever wanted to do stuff with. Matt gets this a lot.

Push/Pull by zee. Frank/Brendon. 6286 words.

This isn’t explicitly a virginity fic, but they both are, and I love the feel of it woven through everything.

so shook I had to catch my breath by girlpearl. Spencer/Gabe/Victoria. 4810 words.

I love how Gabe and Victoria are casual but excellent teachers, showing Spencer how to do these new things.

Secretly A Virgin by lalejandra. Gabe/Pete. 1068 words.

I like that this is just as much about their bad brains as it is about anything else.

Sic Transit Gloria by liescontinue. Frank/Gerard. 3000 words.

stoned car sex pwp fuckyeah!

Smiled With The Risin’ Sun by Katarin. Butcher/Siska. 2725 words.

You can actually feel the scene setting of this fic.

Threesome Virginity Ficlet by Sena. Established Spencer/Brendon, Spencer/Brendon/Ryan. 1881 words.

I rec this for the twist of the trope. With bb!Panic, Ryan’s always the experienced one. In this fic he’s too guarded to have sex, until Brendon gets involved.


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