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i guess last night was the last time i'll ever hang out at jason and rachel's apartment. he's talking about moving into his parent's place this week. it was a good time for a last hanging out though. derrick wasn't there, it was just us, smoking and playing mario and watching cartoons. like the good old days (not that i'm trying to be too nostalgic)

i didn't previously get into the queer_rage drama about the trans episode of family guy because a) i hadn't seen the episode and b) from what i hear the mods are super wanky. but we watched three episodes, and holy crap has family guy got pushing the bounderies lately. i was really surprised the first two part episode got on air; it was about brian eating stewies diaper, or as we'd label it in fandom, dog/infant rimming and scat. dude. seriously? fox let that on the air? the republican channel let that on the air??? and then we watched the trans episode. i wasn't super offended, but i could totally see how people could be. also, it was awkward as hell, i had to explain to stoned vince and jason what a vaginoplasty was like, while myself being stoned. they were wincing and freaking out a bit.

vince sketched me out on the way back to the car. we parked on the street, and there have previously been times where people try to talk to us while we're walking, because it's downtown and everyone is drunk. he started walking faster and faster, until we were almost running. i was sure there were muggers, as it turns out he just wanted to sit down. vince sketched out driving, thinking there were cops everywhere.

it's kind of funny how our minds work. before we left jason's he assumed i was going home and asked if i would mind coming with him to ross's to sleep and get dropped off in the morning. i assumed i was going with him and it was only when he asked that i realised he'd had something else in mind. so i always want to be with other people, and he always wants to help them.

it occurs to me to not be as cheap as i currently am about taking salvia. if it's 40 dollars for one bottle but each high only takes a tenth of the bottle technically at 4 dollars a high it's the cheapest drug. so, more tripping out on the future horizon!
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i went and met friends. me and vince and rachel smoked about 5 times and jason drank this bottle of beer from his trip to montreal that was like 40 ounces. then vince needed munchies, so we decided to walk to basement level two for vending machine snacks. the apartment is on the sixteenth floor, so it was thirty four flights of stairs. it was like the trippiest thing i've ever done. it took so long, and it was so repetative that it was like being in purgetory. when we finally got back to the apartment, i commented to vince on how fucked up that would have been on shrooms.
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hanging out with vince on tuesday was awesome. we drove to a fast food parking lot and smoked, then drove around with the windows open trying to air ourselves out. the little bastard kept speeding up at puddles, trying to splash me through the window. fucker.

he told me he wanted to write a book of all the fun stuff we'd done in the past, and i'm like THAT'S WHAT A BLOG IS FOR! so we just drove and talked about stuff in our past. the first guys he did stuff with, we drove to his old house and he told me this story about a guy that came into his house to hide so he could count his robbery money, and then gave vince a hundred bucks for his bike. one of his crazy stories is the only girl he ever dated, they broke up because she told him she was pregnant, than told him a day later she was joking. who the hell jokes about that???

ironically, before we smoked we went to get snacks, and on the way back to my house vince got lost. i finally pointed out we were halfway to the country, and he had to turn around and i laughed at him for like ten minutes. it was great.

and now i'm writing porn. lots and lots of porn. life is good, atm.

list of porn to write this weekend:
lorcan gang bang
lysander crossdressing.
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*twitches a bit*

called vince at 9.30. he was at a social, he told me he'd call back at 11.30, and then we'd hang out. it's now 1.30. calling me back to say he was too drunk to drive over would have been fine, but to totally ignore it? lame.

solution to lameness? smoke a bowl! write porn! watch skins! watch xmen! (seriously, that trilogy is the Best Thing Ever to watch while high. not six months ago summer, but 18 months ago summer, i watched X2 every day for five weeks. so much love for that movie.)

eta: ahhhh. it's so nice how things become so much easier, all of a sudden. life is good. writing is good.

eta2: my dad told me about this clip on CNN about pot derivatives that can kill you. i just googled the article: it makes me laugh so hard. a scientific study that can't clarify more than between 3 and 28 times more affective? finding no medical benefits of marijuana, when medicinal pot is legal for a bunch of different health reasons? oh, and that it causes hallucinations and psychotic behaviour, when that's the exact thing they say about pot, and yet, 4 years in, no hallucinations?
not to mention that the author is an antidrug protestor. listening to her would be like listening to fucking DARE. ridiculous. i can't believe something so obviously full of crap got on the news.


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