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"Chin up, Ray. Half your family are weres so you know what's to come. No matter what, don't fight it. Your inner hamster will win out. All it wants is to find its mate."

What Ray craved was a beer (or 20.) Anything to help him forget that he was going to transform into a hamster that would then seek Gerard for cuddle-times. "How fucked am I?"

"Don't ask me," Bowie said, his voice growing softer. "I'll email you my bill when I get back to England. We'll follow up 13 days after your first transformation..."

By the time Ray looked up, Bowie had faded into the ether like he had never been there at all.

- [archiveofourown.org profile] Lucifuge5's Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight
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(n.b.: this is public mostly because Dreamwidth mobile doesn't let me change the privacy settings; please don't link it around. Also, I realise that this is "jammern auf hohem Niveau"[1] and that fandom doesn't specifically cater to me, nor should it. I'm just whinging. And yes a lot of this is probably the depression talking and yes of course this frustration will pass, but it's not the first time and it keeps coming back.)

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Feb. 18th, 2019 09:52 am
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While I don't think she'll see it, happy birthday to my birthday twin [profile] doctor_jasely you're a a miss around these parts. And a happy birthday to a flist person's baby who turns one today. ♥ to them both.

[personal profile] turlough sent me the most adorable knitted owl and thank you to [personal profile] shadowhive for not only sending me a birthday card, which came today so perfectly on time, but wrote me the most incredible Mikey/Ryan story. They'll forever be my little rare pair that could, so to get that was such a lovely surpise and gift.

And thank you to the people who sent emails/messages and understanding how hard today will be ♥

James bought me cat shoes! You can see them, and the owl, behind here )

I love them so much and can't believe that I'm wearing something that's so cute but also has heels, chunky ones sure, but still, heels. When they arrived I was also sent a 30% off my next buy from the shop, and I'm tempted by these puppy versions. They also have red or crushed velvet versions of the cat ones I have or black with a pink cat face. But I'm thinking the puppies would be a good buy with my birthday money.

I haven't opened James' other gifts yet as he's still in bed, but soon. This afternoon we're meeting up with Corey in Newcastle, then War Horse tonight. Hopefully, it won't be too sad, or if it is I'll have already got my tears out of my system.

Other things. A kink meme for Umbrella Academy is running here.

And the no tags stories have been revealed. I haven't read any yet but will asap.

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Feb. 17th, 2019 04:25 pm
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For Christmas, one of my friends got us a pottery session, and today we made a bowl! It was a lot of fun and messy and we had a great time, so I think we're going to do it again. It'll be nice to have a set plan so I can see her, since now that we don't work together, it's (obviously) harder.

A round of cards went out in February - one for each day of the month, though I did them all at the beginning of the month - I didn't get to everyone on my address list, but I managed most. If you're not on it and you want a card from me to show up randomly, drop me an email/private message with your name and address and you shall be added and receive cards and stickers. US or international. It's all good.

I have tennis elbow and it continues to be both painful and annoying. Of course it's in my right arm, which is the one I use for everything.

It has been snowing here a lot. Washington is bad at snow. The snow tends to be heavy and wet. There are hills. And there aren't enough snow plows and such to deal with it. Especially when we get 1-2 feet in a week. It confuses us all. I ended up getting new tires so I could handle getting around it in - which I knew I was going to have to do sooner or later because of my last car service mentioned it. It was still a surprise. Also, while trying to get my car out of my driveway, I fell onto my hands and knees, so of course my butt hurts. Bodies man.

Okay, so I've been writing fic. I haven't posted much, because apparently I write only long things now and my poor beta seems to have a LIFE that does not involve spending all of her time reading my fic, so she takes time to "make money" and "enjoy herself".


Less Than Zero

They have to put the plane down in the ice. Or on it anyway. Steve has a much better time than the last time he was in the arctic.

Save You from Yourself

The contining saga of the Winter Soldier and his complete asshole of a secretary. Who maybe isn't such an asshole. But he isn't at work, and Bucky doesn't quite understand that. If he's not at work, how is he going to torture Bucky? And Bucky wants him fired, right? So why does he care?

Flick of the Wrist

Bucky's just practicing. He's not showing off for Steve. At least at first.

I have one or two other things that are still in the secret part of things. I'm honestly not sure. Everything is a blur. They're not on my AO3 page, so in my head they don't exist. My goal this year is to get my story count up to 1737, because that will actually equal 1700 fics. Some of my fics posted as private and public, so they don't count twice, so the count as is is off. It's very annoying, but AO3 doesn't have a way to fix it and keep kudos/comments from both.

I know have an 18-year-old, and I want everyone here to know that that is NOT OKAY. Not even a LITTLE BIT.

Okay, now I'm off to beta a story and then do some writing. And since the kids don't have school tomorrow, go to bed whenever I want. Which may be around 5pm. Or not, becasue somehow it's 4:45. Whoops.


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