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Birthdate:Jul 22
why he's not dead:
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I'm a 23 year old multishipper. My current fandom is bandom. I am totally down for any combination of any number of boys. Also Victoria, Bebe, and AAG!boys. I currently dislike The Like, but I think that's because of the constant dresses. I hate dresses. That being said, I have an extra dollop of love for Waycest, Waycest+1, GSF in any band, and Mikey/Pete/Gabe.

I have kind of an obsessive need to fill out fic tables and write bigbangs. The only one I've ever failed at is schmoop bingo. While I AM the cuddling type, it doesn't work for me in fic unless something horrible has happened first. (ie: one schmoop fic got written, I have blacked out H/C twice)

Past fandoms were:
Harry Potter (first fandom, the one that drew me from to LJ)
XMen Trilogy Movieverse (first chaptered fic)
Skins (first crossovers)

I will also read/talk about:
Queer As Folk
Supernatural (though I'm incredibly far behind. Like, Dean hasn't gone to hell yet levels of behind)
XMen First Class

When asked for a quote that reminded her of me, dr_jasley instead wrote a short poem:
A dark thought doesn't always fester and rot. The creative mind can scoop it up and replant it in a shady spot. For if given the chance to flourish all would see how different it can be when the proper understanding and respect is given to it.

Due dates, because I'm bad at remembering without a handy dandy list:
ReverseBB art June 24
edit puckurtbb July 10
pod_together1 July 28
xmen reversebb August 16
pod_together2 July 28

Interests (54):

a clockwork orange, androgeny, bondage, brie boy, cbt is guaranteed laughter, corsets, cross-dressing, diy, dom/sub, dresden dolls, foodsmut, ftw fight the wank, ftw is not winning, girl with many eyes, gsf, hospitals, hypochondria, incest, jimmy the hideous penguin boy, junk girl, kink, leathercrafting, lesbians, melancholy deaths, mummy boy, orgies, oyster boy, phantom of the paradise, pin cushion queen, polyandry, posture bars, pyjamas, randomosity, robot boy, roy the toxic boy, sex toys, sirius-is-not-dead, slash, smut, songfics don't blow, stain boy, staring queen, supplier of serial killers, the nightmare before christmas, threesomes, tmfe, twin ara, twin!love, twincest, voyeurism, winning at peer pressure, writing challenges, x-men the movie, zomgz seamus
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