Belatedly, the 2018 master list

Apr. 14th, 2019 08:03 pm
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Thanks to everyone who helped make last year's Big Bang a success. *showers everyone in confetti*

Please take the time to experience some of the great fanworks that have come out of this challenge, and try to leave a comment or kudos if you enjoyed the creator's work. We know that everyone worked really hard to complete their fanworks, and we're very proud of them.

-the mods

Fanworks by FlashFlashFlash and chibifukurou (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
Fanworks by acadjonne and uh-oh-iero (Ray Toro/Gerard Way)
Fanworks by ThatsWildPatrick, skyeeeeeblueeeee, and watercolorromance (gen Patrick Stump)
Fanworks by justtothesea and darkrosaleen (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
Fanworks by das_verlorene_kind and SnitchersAndTalkers (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
Fanworks by folie_aplusieurs and stoplightglow (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
Fanworks by glowbugthunder and akamine_chan (Frank Iero/Ray Toro)
Fanworks by trojie and glowbugthunder (Mikey Way/Pete Wentz)
Fanworks by corruptedkid and viciousvenin (Frank Iero/Gerard Way)
Fanworks by flames_and_jade and the_chaotic_panda (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
Fanworks by s0ckpuppeteer and aethel (Frank Iero/Grant Morrison/Gerard Way, Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Frank Iero/Grant Morrison)
Fanworks by stoplightglow and jazindisguise (Frank Iero/Gerard Way)
Fanworks by heyginger and rosiedoes (Patrick Stump/Joe Trohman)
Fanworks by scarredsodeep and corruptedkid (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
Fanworks by viciousvenin and starryfrights (Frank Iero/Gerard Way)
Fanworks by snitchersandtalkers and flames_and_jade (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
Fanworks by semi_sweet and data-dork (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
Fanworks by mousefrnk and walktooblivion (Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Ray Toro/Mikey Way)
Fanworks by the_chaotic_panda and das_verlorene_kind (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
Fanworks by rosiedoes and heyginger (Patrick Stump/Joe Trohman)
Fanworks by hum_my_name and justtothesea (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz)
Fanworks by aethel, falter, and akamine_chan (Mikey Way/Pete Wentz)

2019 Sign Ups!

Apr. 12th, 2019 08:29 pm
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Welcome to the sign up post for people wanting to participate in the 2019 Bandom Big Bang, either as a primary or complement creator!

Here is a reminder of the schedule and requirements:

2019 Schedule
Sign ups open: Friday, April 12th
Primary rough drafts due: Monday, August 12th
Primary claims period: Wednesday, August 14th through Sunday, August 18th
Primary and complement final fanworks due: Tuesday, November 12th
Posting: Sunday, November 17th through Saturday, November 23rd

Primary Minimum Requirements
Fic: 20,000 words
Podfic: 20,000 words (cover art optional)
Mix: 40 songs + track list + write up about your song choices (cover art optional)
Art/Crafts: loosely, something you've spent 40-60 hours brainstorming/planning/creating
Vid: 4 minutes

Complement Minimum Requirements
Fic: 10,000 words
Podfic: 10,000 words (cover art optional)
Mix: 20 songs + track list + write up about your song choices
Art/Crafts: loosely, something you've spent 20-30 hours brainstorming/planning/creating
Vid: 2 minutes

Please make sure you have read the rules and the FAQ before signing up. By signing up, you are agreeing to follow the challenge rules. Please direct any questions or concerns to that post or to bandombigbang at

Sign up with the username you will use throughout the challenge and your email address. If you are planning to create more than one fanwork (e.g., one solo and one with a collaborator, one primary one complement) please make sure that each sign up is a separate comment.

Here is a helpful template for you to cut and paste into the comments:

You should receive an email within a couple of days of signing up. Please respond to the email; we just want to ensure that emails are getting through to everyone. If after two days you haven't received a confirmation email, please check your spam before notifying the mods.


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