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Hi! Thanks for writing for me. My Things I Like lists tend to be pretty long but I hope they're not obnoxiously so. Rifle through and pluck out the bits that sound interesting :)

In general: I'd rather have an in character conversation than an unoffensive conversation. This probably goes mostly for Blood Drive, but I mean it for any of the fandoms. Misogyny, racism, homophobia- if the characters would say it, write it.

All my fandoms could easily have drug use written in. Please, for the love of the Powers That Be, if you're writing them doing ___, write it accurately. Nothing kills a fic faster for me than a fic where someone takes E and gets really mad, or snorts coke and gets sleepy. If you haven't done anything in your past, a great resource is There are about a thousand drugs listed, all with both scientific information and write-in trip reports.

I see life through very queer glasses. I automatically go to poly, then two-person-slash, then gen, then het. I'd really rather a genfic than a focus on paired heterosexual romance. And if you do write a slash or poly fic, I'm down with any rating. From essentially gen where they call each other boyfriend but don't even hold hands to 1k of fucking, I'm good. And if you do aim for a higher rating, I quite like nearly any kink. Some of my favourites are makeshift bondage (like ties or clothes pushed half off to restrict movement) public teasing into being turned on, making people blush, dirty talk, marks of ownership (not necessarily hardcore like collaring, though that's great, having a bracelet to wear or a string of hickies work too). But really, if you wanted to go for any kink I'd be happy. My only limit is no guro/vore.

Note: massages are a trigger of mine. It's really upsetting to read them. I'm okay with dub-con (whether due to manipulation or intoxication), but straight up non-con is not enjoyable. I also have phobias of fire/burning alive, stuff happening to eyeballs, and condiments. I know that Blood Drive is super gory, and that's fine, as long as the above don't happen.

More specifically:

Blood Drive
What I’m most interested in is the world building, all the cool evil experiments Heart Industries did all over the fractured United States. Maybe Grace and Arthur visit another city with a cool horror trope during the blood drive, like a missing episode. Maybe Grace and Karma go on their own road trip before her kidnapping, or for an AU. I’d also be happy with a different ending to the show, Grace and Slink living and continuing to destroy Heart Industries, Grace being furious about all the insane gross things Slink has done. Basically anything with Grace and the world around her.

Stranger Things:
I like the canon but I'd happily take a different supernatural menace, or a dystopia, or if you don’t know much about the 80’s, a modern AU. I’m really hoping you’re a shipper because I’d prefer ship fic (Steve/Nancy/Jonathan) if possible. I subscribe to the popular headcanon that Steve helped Nancy get the camera at the end of the season. Beyond that, whatever story you want I'll read.
ETA: As of November second, I've watched the second season. I loved it. The only thing that makes me sad is the Nancy/Jonathon infidelity scene. If you'd like to write fixit, that would be fantastic.

Dirk Gently:
I love how Amanda finds a new family, and relief from her disorder with these seemingly dangerous people. I do ship them in a polyamorous way, the nods towards the Rowdy 3 being sort of a hive-mind lends credence towards the date-one-date-them-all trope, but I’m also quite happy with gen. I’d like a happy fic, please. If it follows the end of the last episode of season 1, I’d like the Rowdy 3 to escape/be rescued quickly and be safe. I mostly just want them hanging out together, so domestic curtainfic (or as close as the personalities allow) is great, but if you have a sci-fi tropey idea I’d love to read it too. A little nod to the canon that I really enjoy is Gripps painting nails, so if there's any more gender-fuckery you'd like to write I'm here for it.

The Gay and Wonderous Life of Caleb Gallo:
I would love ship fic, as I strongly ship Caleb/Billy/Karen, and am interested in the intricacies of a mixed orientation relationshio. To me the final episode really lended itself to a polyamourous future, Len going off about how they all love each other, so a future fic where Caleb is with both Benicio, and Karen+Billy would be fantastic. Or a missing scene where them sharing the bed actually does go somewhere sexual. Or an AU where Benicio does get deported and a broken-hearted Caleb goes to Billy for comfort. I’d be happy with slice of life fic, or a pwp.
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