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I had this great dream where Travvie, Gabe, and Pete all wrote a book together about adventuring questing magical Harry Potteresque kids. More specifically, it was three novellas, of the kids doing different things (like PS vs COS vs POA) each written by one of them individually, published in one big tome.

And then if you bought the special more expensive edition of the book, after the three novellas and the afterword there were three short stories, set from the parent POV of one of the MC's parents. And that's when the 'leftist' bomb was dropped.

MC A's mom is single and asexual, and A was a mistake borne out of the only time mom had sex, but she can't regret her happening, even if she worries that when A gets older one of these close friends will become a relationship she can't give advice about. MC B's mom is a widowed lesbian who HATES that B is going off on these adventures because she can't stand the idea that her only loved one left might die. MC C's gay dad is single and always has been, and adopted C anyway, because you don't need to have a soul mate to love in other ways, and he's so proud of C and how loyal C is to her friends.

I can't remember who wrote MC A and MC B, but I know that Travvie wrote single gay dad POV. And I remember that mainstream media made a big deal about how in the three novellas ABC seemed to have "normal" relationships with their parents in the few sentences of dialogue that included parents, when how could they ~really~ with such odd rolemodels? And Pete and Gabe and Travvie were like WHATEVER WHATEVER TALK TO THE HAND and Pete didn't even do interviews without Patrick there, because Patrick had helped him edit his novella into coherency.

(I woke up kinda cranky, because I realised the book didn't exist. And I would read it SO FUCKING MUCH. Harry Potter with proudly in-text queer characters? I'm getting a literature-boner as we speak)
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