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So my case worker signed me up for a workshop. Or, well, they asked if I wanted to attend and I said yes, because I have to attend STEPs a certain number of times a month or they'll cut my funding.

But I just looked at what I'm actually going to, tomorrow afternoon...

Nourishing Mental Health.

Goddamn it, that better be metaphorically. She better not have signed me up for a nutrition course, just because I'm fat and look unhealthy. I mean, I won't walk out, because like I said, a certain number of attends a month. But I will be pissy as fuck if I have to sit through two hours of 'eating right will be good for your mental health'.

Because ACTUALLY, NO. Nothing is more stressful and upsetting than trying to explain the difference between my physical issues with food (if certain things touch my tongue I projectile vomit because my gag reflex is extremely sensitive) and my OCD issues with food (natural foods are dangerous because you don't know how they were grown, processed foods have quality control and thus are safe), and why the combination of both leaves me with a small safety net of foods. And how trying new ones is rarely worth the anxiety, because 9 times out of 10 I have to spit it out then brush my teeth and rub a cloth over my tongue.
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