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So when I get new info I like to really In Depth it. In an unhealthy OCD "I must know everything or bad things will happen" way. At least with fandom people expect you to marathon tv or stay up until 6am reading HP the night it comes out. Informational info is sort of different though. When you know too much about random things like the kind of poisons that were used in the 1920's people think you're weird.

Today the problem was JFK. Thank you, half the channels on my television, you have made me completely mental tonight. I watched documentaries on what may or may not have happened at his death from 7pm to 4am. Otherwise known as 9 hours.

I feel so sketchy right now. There are so many theories, and while I think I know which one I believe most (Secret Service George Hickey accidentally did it/Mortal Error theory), I can't know for sure. No one can. And that's wrong in a way that feels really dangerous. Logic!gala knows it's not, but OCD!gala is freaking out. To the point where the last time I left my room to get a juice I was SURE someone was going to shoot me because ASSASSINS ARE EVERYWHERE NO ONE KNOWS WHO'S AN ASSASSIN. I don't really want to leave my room again, but I think I might need to get my dad. I think that might be best.
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