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I have not listed warnings. Many fics have them, I write characters with backgrounds of abuse, I write dub-con, and I write drug use. Please read the full header before reading a story. I also write a LOT of high school AUs, please keep in mind your country's laws. Unless otherwise noted, all fics are under 5k.

Blanket permission to podfic/art/icon/meta/mix any fic you'd like. Nor do you have to tell me you did so. But it would be cool if you did let me know so I can link to it, and give you a gushing comment. As for writing like remixing or sequels, ask first. I've never said no, and in one case it turned into a massive 40+ story 'verse, so I'm pretty damn pro shared 'verses. But please ask.


The Twelve Steps (to a chalk outline) 90k. Mikey/Gerard/Brendon/Frank (and combinations within), Gabe/William/Kesha, Jon/Tom, mentions of Brendon/Jon, Brendon/OMCs, Mikey/OMCs (not infidelity).
Summary: “My name is Ryland, and it's been four days since I eviscerated someone.”
“Hi Ryland!”

Gerard has been running Serial Killers Anonymous for a while now, and it’s a good outlet for them all. Things start to change though, when he finally confronts Mikey about what he’s been doing the nights he gets back from the bar after dawn. Mikey agrees to go to placate his brother/boyfriend, not because he feels remorse. If they really didn’t want to die, they’d be more interesting when they beg for their life.

Meanwhile, Brendon’s just had an amicable break-up with Jon, a fact he could not convince his best friend Ryan of in a million years. Unfortunately for him, he has to listen to Ryan’s rants about evil boyfriends and Jon being just the latest in a string of admittedly poor choices, all day as they work together in Ryan’s fashion boutique. He’s out urban exploring for Ryan’s ~inspiration~ when he stumbles upon SK Anon. It’s easy to fall in love. After all, they’re reformed, right?

The problem comes when one of the S K Anon members reverts to their old ways, triggering a collective jump off the wagon. However, with every cloud comes silver lining, and giving in doesn’t always make you weak. Sometimes it takes action to make a house a home, and a group a family.

A story in which working at Borders never stops sucking, Mikey solves every problem with sex, and Frank would like to film the frequent Brendon Vs Filthy Way House battles and charge people to watch them.

There And Back Again 31k. Established Gabe/Nate. Eventual Gerard/Bert, Brendon/Patrick, Frank/Bob. Forced Spencer/Ryan. Hetero life partners Ryland/Ray.
Summary: It’s been four years since the first tear between Earth and Otherworld opened, and in that time the travel has only been one way; supposedly mythical creatures coming in and wreaking havoc throughout the continents. Or at least that’s what the OEA would have citizens believe. When a tear opens in Sherman High School and the entire Chamber choir goes missing, and no one remembers them even existing in the first place the truth becomes known. Kidnapping Humans is a frequent occurrence, and part of the OEA’s job is to keep it a secret.

Pete is not about to lose Patrick forever, and nor is Mikey with Gerard. After it becomes obvious the OEA neither cares nor plans on doing anything, the friends of the choir decide to band together and travel into Otherworld to save their loved ones. It’s completely uncharted territory, but how hard can it be to track down a few Humans in a land of Pixies and Centaurs?

Unfortunately for the questers and Chamber choir alike, childhood research all come up lies in practice. Dwarves are not like Snow White Dwarves, Mermaids are not Ariel, and Dragons are not Tamora Pierce Dragons. Still, it’s okay to be in over your head when you know someone is waiting on the other side of the ocean.

Driven Boys 37k. Brendon/Jon, past Jon/Cassie, Jon/OFCs
Summary: It’s normal for a band to have things they don’t tell their fans. Some bands have secret love children, some bands have addiction problems. Fans don’t want to know their swoonworthy lead singer has a wife, and they don’t want to know all four members of Panic! At The Disco are serial killers. Luckily for the fanclub, Spencer and Ryan and Brendon have no intention of letting anyone find out, and they’re able to clean up Jon’s messes fairly well.

A canon compliant story of teenage killers finding themselves and promoting their band.

You'll Be That Boy 23k. Frank/Brendon, Spencer/Ryan, Mikey/Alicia/Pete/Gabe
Summary: When well known horror actor Frank Iero stops to get coffee at the end of a con, he stumbles across Brendon Urie, barely known indie actor. Brendon's roommates have about as much confidence as Frank's best friends that the relationship will last; neither are good at long term. Frank and Brendon know this time will be different.


In the Slantverse, the majority orientation is not (necessarily) heterosexual, but dominant/submissive. Relationships can be complicated. High school relationships even more so. A shared 'verse between [ profile] gala_apples and [ profile] khereselle. The masterpost is here.


Has it's own comm, here:


(approximately chronological)

Unconventional Mikey/Pete
Summary: Mikey always takes the necessary pills. Except, he's beginning to wonder if his body truly needs an arousal pill, or if the same thing would happen without taking it.

Whatever Makes You Break Mikey, Gerard, Paramore
Summary: Mikey only left Battery City four days after Gerard. So why can't he find him?

Who We Are Not Show Pony/Doctor Death Defying
Summary: It takes Show Pony and Dr Death Defying a long time to figure out who they really are.

A Rebellion of Caring Gabe, Alex, mentions of Killjoys. Slight Gabe/Alex, future Gabe/Mikey.
Summary: Gabe doesn't fight out in the zones, but he does his best to liberate the people within Battery City and make them ready to run for freedom.

Colours Of The World (spice up your life) Grace and the Killjoys. Spice: Baby, Scary, Ginger, Posh, Sporty. Mentions of DDD/Show Pony, Spice GSF, and preslash for Ghoul/Party.
Summary: Ghoul doesn't like getting visits from other resistance groups, but it's a necessary evil.

How To Raise A Resistance Fighter Gen; Grace and the Killjoys. DDD, Show Pony, Brendon Urie (and Panic), Pete, Gabe, Bob, Korse. Mentions of DDD/Show Pony, and slight Kobra/Pete.
Summary: Grace learns a lot from the adults around her.

You Gotta Roll With Whatever You Know Jet Star, Nic Cester. Mention of Killjoy GSF
Summary: The hostile climate of the zones gives Jet Star some time to talk to one of the latest batch of zonerunners.


Lemme Tell You Bout The Sad Man Ray/Christa, Ray/Frank/Gerard/Mikey, mentions of Ray/others and others/others
Summary: Sometimes living life is about altering old traditions as little as possible, and accepting what has to be changed.

Eating With Merton's Fork Fun Ghoul/Party Poison
Summary: Korse's favourite form of torture is making people make choices they never would if they had a real choice.

Seven Opinions on FG/PP (two of which matter) Fun Ghoul/Party Poison
Summary: Fun Ghoul is in love with Party Poison, but it's not a problem if nobody knows and he doesn't say anything. Except it turns out everyone knows, so he's got no choice but to say something.

The Sharp Edges Party Poison/Show Pony
Summary: pre-NANANA. Party Poison wants information, Show Pony wants proof he's not a Drac.

Not Every House Is A Home Jet Star/anonymous Killjoy
Summary: At Donovan's, everyone has a specialty.

To No One, From Nobody Pre Show/Dr D, post Mikey/Pete
Summary: A snapshot of letters dropped into mailboxes around the zones.

Hickory Dickory Dock Jet Star/Party Poison
Summary: Jet Star's wavehead enough to like having sex with other people instead of taking O-pills. He likes it even more when they're wearing something sexy.

Can't Hide Under The Bed
Summary: When Grace is three her Mamma dies. It's the first day of the rest of her life.

Better Than A Paid Life 15k. Fun Ghoul/Kobra Kid, Party Poison/Jet Star
Summary: Gerard and Mikey Way are the Killjoys, a motorbaby duo. That is, until their car gets wrecked in a battle and the dashboard accessory of their new Trans Am is an ex-Companion with a mission.


Last Period, Best Choice Gen; Ray
Summary: Ray Toro never wanted to switch schools. But as it turns out, it's not the worst thing in the world.

Bus Stop 50437 Gen; Ray
Summary: It's either Gerard's fault, Mikey's fault, or a frat boy's fault that Ray ends up cuddling a stranger for warmth.

Falling For You Ray/Ian
Summary: Ray's friends are a bunch of meddling meddlers. As much as he hates to admit it, this isn't always a bad thing.


Gotta Be What Tomorrow Needs Brendon/Ryan, background Pete/Mikey
Summary: If they'd outlawed anything else, Brendon probably would have accepted it. But he needs music. Luckily he's not the only one that feels that way.

Bars and Chains Mikey/Gerard
Summary: When you're an outlaw punk band, getting arrested is just part of the routine. Luckily Mikey has other routines that make the time behind bars better.

Bonus Not-fic Bert gen
Summary: Bert wants variety in the scene.


The Make of A Man Mikey/Gerard
Summary: Sometimes they are themselves-not-themselves.

Knowing Is Half the Battle; The Other Half Is Fighting Mikey/Gerard
Summary: Four people that found out.


The Commoner And The Scribe 15k. Bob/Brendon. Secondary Mikey/Ryan, Mikey/others, Ryan/others, Frank/Gerard UST. Also MCR watching porn together.
Summary: Bob thinks that the ability to put up with the friends he has is a more unique characteristic of his than his Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Fifty thousand kids in the States have JRA, only a few could handle Mikey’s sluttiness, Gerard’s basement creeperiness, and Frank’s stupid refusal to admit his crush on Gerard. (Ray is surprisingly normal). But while he gets no help dealing with his friends, a few accommodations have to be made for his disease. Someone copying class notes is one of them, and when it turns out that Frank’s writing could be more legible if he did it with his feet, Brendon Urie steps in. JRA impedes a lot of things in his life, but falling in love isn’t one of them.

Party of Two Mikey/Alex
Summary: In order to have a private party with Frank, Mikey needs to have a private party with Alex.

Urie, Champion of Ristin! Bob/Brendon
Summary: Apparently the karma punishment for Brendon getting to spend the night is witnessing the Way brothers suck him into the insane world of Live Action Role Playing.


Something Churning Frank gen, with background Gerard/Bob, Mikey/Pete, Ray/OMC
Summary: Five times closeted Frank Iero felt nauseous, and one time he vomited.

And Down, Back And Forth Mikey/Pete, background Gerard/Bob
Summary: Five times Mikey had a toothache.


The Temple of Marlboro unrequited Mikey/Gerard, Mikey/OMCs Mikey/OFCs
Summary: A view of Mikey's life, told through cigarettes.

Somethin' 'Bout Boots And Boys Mikey/Gerard
Summary: There a ton of outside influences to blame, his weak bladder and the dealership that gave Mikey such a shitty car to name just two, but Gerard still blames himself.

Heated Messages Mikey/Gerard, Mikey/OMCs
Summary: Mikey can either be amusing or a prick when he's drunk. When Gerard's drunk, he likes to fight fire with fire.

Blowin' Up His Phone Mikey/Gerard, Mikey/OMCs
Summary: Living vicariously through Mikey only works when Mikey is willing to tell him what he's doing.

Mistletoe Mikey/Gerard
Summary: Mikey is drunk and makes a mistake he doesn't realise he's making.

Blood...It's everything Mikey/Gerard, Mikey/others
Summary: Mikey gets turned into a vampire. Surprisingly little changes.

Footsteps In The Night Mikey/Gerard, Gerard/OMC
Summary: Gerard is unfortunate enough to be at home for Christmas when Mikey's night issues transform from sleepwalking to sexsomnia.

White Whispered Goodbyes Mikey/Gerard
Summary: Gerard has always known he can never keep Mikey. He just never thought he'd lose him like this.

Hell Is Repetition Mikey/Gerard
Summary: Selling their souls to the devil seemed like a good idea at the time.

For Richer, For Poorer, In Sickness and In Health, In Life and In Death... Mikey/Gerard
Summary: Knowing that it means nothing except symbolically, Gerard and Mikey get married.

Kitchen Permission Mikey/Gerard, Gerard/Lindsey and Mikey/Alicia mentioned
Summary: Gerard wants to bake with Bandit. Unfortunately he has no idea how to cook. Mikey's more skilled in heckling and eating the dough than helping.

Silicone And Love Bites Mikey/Gerard
Summary: Five times Gerard kisses Mikey's neck.

Drunk and Rowdy (and a little bit fratty) Mikey/Gerard, Mikey/others mentioned
Summary: Bob thinks they're hotter than the average Jerry Springer guest. Gerard would have to agree.

MIKEY/GERARD/____ threesomes

A Mess of Evidence Mikey/Gerard/Frank
Summary: Frank cleans up a mess, which leads to a interesting situation.

Dreaming During Sleepless Nights Bob/Mikey/Gerard
Summary: Teching for My Chemical Romance comes with some interesting benefits.

Never Coming Home, Never Coming Home Mikey/Gerard Ray
Summary: Ray learns lessons about being a soldier.

Hazards Of The Profession Mikey/Gerard/Bob
Summary: It seems a bit early in their career to be causing a riot, but Bob can roll with it.

Hotel Night Mikey/Gerard/Pete
Summary: As it turns out, fangirls aren't the only ones excited by the Waycest stage gay. Lucky for Pete it's not just for the stage.

Rotting In The Sun Mikey/Gerard Frank
Summary: Who would have guessed sunblock should be a major part of a zombie preparedness kit?

The Last Night of Young Frank's Life Frank/Mikey Gerard
Summary: When Frank is drunk, a lot of things confuse him. Thankfully the Ways are there to confuse him more help him out.

The Capture And Release of Drunk Ways Bert/Mikey/Gerard
Summary: Fucking both Ways on Warped is pretty great. Fucking them at the same time is way better.

Not Quite A Vacuum Frank/Mikey/Gerard
Summary: Mikey has a hickey. Frank wants, no, needs to figure out how.

187 Brendon/Mikey/Gerard
Summary: It doesn't take long for the world to realise they're all fucked. It takes a little longer for Brendon to get lonely.

One By One We Fall Asleep Bob/Mikey/Gerard
Summary: When Bob volunteers to go in stasis in the middle of a planet wide pandemic, he's not expecting to wake up. He does. It's not the same world he fell asleep in.

If You Don't Have Anything Productive To Say, Suck It Spencer/Mikey/Gerard
Summary: Spencer kisses Mikey the first time because he's being a brat. Gerard knows exactly how to respond to Mikey's bratting.


Motivators Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: They used to be messy, now they've got a system.

Job Satisfaction Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: A day in the life of Gabe, sex trade worker.

Boarding School Blues (and oranges) Mikey wanking, Pete and Gabe voyeurs
Summary: When you take away all of a teen's options, they start to get creative.

Fun Fair Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: Pete drags everyone to a carnival, and then figures out how to make it better when everyone decides it sucks.

Catboy Seeks Same? gennish; Mikey
Summary: Mikey just wants to get laid, how is that so hard?

Value Village; Smut Emporium In Disguise Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: They like to go clothes shopping together, and sometimes what Pete gets is a great product for everyone.

Back StageMikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: In the midst of bodies and time counted in seconds, Pete has found something that anchors him.

...And I Feel Fine Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: In many ways, the end of the world is more aggravating than horrific.

D.A.R.E. To Resist Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: Gabe doesn't know who he'd be without drugs.

Rock and Roll is In The Blood Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: Pete spends a few hours in a mosh pit, things get a bit messy.

Candles Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: Four times candles were useful on tour, and one time they weren't.
[personal profile] sophinisba has done a podfic, found here.

One Day Robots Will... Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: Ten revelations Pete Wentz has about robots.

Lessons and Plans Mikey/Pete voyeur Gabe
Summary: Gabe takes classes to spite his ex-girlfriend, and then learns what he's learning might actually be useful.

No Man Can Tickle Himself Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: Gabe's first teenaged sleepover goes far better than anything he could imagine.

Paradise By The Dashboard Light Mikey/Pete/Gabe, mentions of Mikey/OMCs&OFCs, Gabe/OMCs&OFCs, Pete/OMCs&OFCs, Gabe/Mikey
Summary: Mikey can be really aggravating when he gets drunk, but Pete and Gabe know how to deal with it.

A Trio Of Experiences Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: They know how to enjoy themselves after school, but they don't do anything about it until they get home.

The Deeper Meanings of Wearing Someone Else's Shoes 22k. Established Pete/Ashlee. Mikey/Gabe, Pete/Gabe, Pete/Gabe/Mikey. Mentions of Frank/Bob/Gerard.
Summary: Unfortunately even loving sci-fi can't fully prepare Mikey Way for switching bodies with Pete Wentz, his neighbour down the street. Pete Wentz is even less prepared, he knows nothing about sci-fi. When they decide to not tell anyone, life gets all the more complicated.

Curious Incidences of Gilette and The Nighttime Pete crushing on Gabe and Mikey
Summary: Pete wants things he can't have, like facial hair and families who care and a first love.

Connecting Mikey/anon/anon
Summary: Mikey experiences a moment of connection while waiting for the bus.

Love and Regrets Pete/Mikey/Gabe
Summary: Pete meets Mikey and Gabe in the hotel and things go unexpectedly.

Summary: Sometimes discovering what you like can be the worst feeling in the world.

Birthday Gifts Pete/Mikey, Pete/Gabe
Summary: Pete answers a knock on the door and gets a surprise gift.

Suits and Bathroom Stalls Mikey, Pete, Gabe, hints of Patrick/Andy
Summary: There are clear benefits to going to a private school, and Gerard not being worth the lost income of getting kicked out is only the least of it.

A Beating Beat Gabe/Mikey Gabe/Pete
Summary: Gabe experiences something new within the old framework of a night out.

Mister, Mister, Sing Me A Song
Summary: Sometimes it's the repeat visits that are more fun than the one night stands.

Hanging Established Pete/Gabe, Mikey/Pete/Gabe
Summary: The strangest people have shows in Gerard's gallery.

All About The Execution
Summary: Pete likes Mikey but needs Gabe, Gabe desires Mikey and has fun with Pete, Mikey likes Pete and maybe, just maybe, might want Gabe. Pete hopes.


Fevered Love Gerard/Ray/Bob/Frank/Mikey
Summary: Gerard believes in love, and he believes in pranks. Then things take a wrong turn.

Not An Optimal World Saving Solution Gerard/Mikey/Ray/Bob/Frank, past Gerard/Ray, Gerard/Bert
Summary: "This is him fiending, isn't it?"

Not Letting Go Gabe/Mikey/Pete/William/Ryan
Summary: Gabe goes on tour with Pete to save him from himself.

Four Times Victoria Was Clit-Blocked (and one time she wasn't) Cobra circlejerk
Summary: Victoria's pretty sure if he doesn't get off soon, she's going to die.

Volts and Watts and Amperes Oh My! Pete/Andy, Pete/Joe, Pete/Patrick, Pete/Andy/Joe/Patrick
Summary: Four FOB AU's. Three deaths, and what the French call a little death. Featuring criminal!Pete, stoner!Pete, suicidal!Pete, and sexy!Pete.

Sometimes It's Hard to Be a Woman Ian/Dallon/Brendon/Spencer, mentions of Ian/Cash
Summary: Ian's sure he would have remembered hearing about this.

A Night In Paris Gerard/Frank/Mikey/Ray
Summary: Gerard wants to go play tourist in Paris. But what he really wants is to get gangbanged. Luckily his band is good at reading between the lines.

Friends, Lovers, Countrymen Mikey/Bob, Mikey/Gerard/Ray/Frank/Bob
Summary: You can only offend a high school drama geek for so long before they decide to make a scene.

Ryan Ross Always Has A Plan B Spencer/Brendon/Ian/Dallon
Summary: Sometimes it's not your old friends that know how to fix everything, but the new ones. And sometimes they both have a role. Spencer needs all the friends he can get, if he's ever going to be a magician.

Shall Come Fulfillment To Our Dreams 14k. Mikey/Brendon/Dallon/Spencer/Ian and combinations. Background Mikey/Pete, Travis/Pete
Summary: Though Mk is initially reluctant to reincarnate, when the Receiver forces him to fulfill, he finds himself liking being corporeal. After all, what’s not to like? He’s got a fantastic brother, two geeky boyfriends, two kinky lovers, and a musician best friend. Out of all lives he could have fulfilled, he picked a pretty awesome one.

Just Like Queer As Folk (if Michael liked zombies and Brian wasn't a douche) 15k. Mikey/Gerard/Ray/Bob/Frank
Summary: When Ray outs himself as gay, Gerard takes it upon himself to out his relationship with his brother. Mikey initially doesn't appreciate the gesture, but after an interlude with Ray and an intervention by Frank, Mikey sees the good that can come out of it. Namely, a relationship with all his best friends that'll hopefully last until they graduate high school.

Make Group Love, Not Educational War Ray/Mikey/Gerard/Frank/Bob
Summary: Ray distracts everyone from plots of anarchy with the suggestion of sex.


Saturday People Gerard/Gabe, offscreen Mikey/Gabe
Summary: Somehow there is a raver kid in his bedroom. Gerard just goes with it.

Try, Try Again Pete/Mikey, one section with Mikey/Alicia and Pete/Ashlee
Summary: There’s no question that they love each other. Just sometimes it takes a while to get the happy ending you so want.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense Gabe/Ryland
Summary: It's not like Gabe wanted to be caught crossdressing. But since he is, he might as well use it to his best advantage.

If I Had Been Loved At Seventeen Patrick/Pete
Summary: Patrick comes into a handful of cash, and his friends won't shut up about his virgin status. When you're seventeen years old, that's easy math.

Even The Best Glues Gen or Pete/Gabe, however you'd like to read it
Summary: Pete and Gabe find out the hard way that snorting pixie dust is a really fucking bad idea.

Emergency Patrick/Gerard
Summary: Gerard has a toothache. He's on the verge of being a complete asshole about it, so Patrick distracts him.

Let's All Call in Queer To Work Ryan/Brendon, Gabe/William, Pete/Mikey, Frank/Gerard (Victoria/Cobras, Bert/Gerard, Pete/Ashlee)
Summary: Eight bands react in different ways to the passing of laws making homosexuality illegal. Gen; Pete
Summary: Pete's not worried about losing his job. It gives him more time to find his soulmate, his perfect commenter.

Crash Into Reality Pete/Joe
Summary: Five plane crashes in the lives of Joe and Pete. A growing up together AU.

One Man Band Spencer/Brendon, Spencer/Jon, Spencer/Ryan
Summary: It takes Spencer a while to figure it out, but he doesn't let it change how he behaves when he does.

Using the Moment Ryland/Alex
Summary: When Alex gets dumped, things get awkward very quickly for Ryland.

Case Study 395960 Spencer/Brendon/Ryan
Summary: In a world where Fairy Godmothers are seen as curse givers, Spencer's really not sure about having two Afflicted in his and Ryan’s band.

You Woke Me Up For That? Patrick/Joe with voyeurs Andy and Pete, mentions of Pete/Joe and Pete/Ashlee
Summary: Patrick gave specific instructions that no one bother him, but as always when Patrick's trying to get more than three hours uninterrupted there's extenuating circumstances.

Film At Eleven Spencer/Brendon/Ryan
Summary: The local Summerlin news is usually boring, but sometimes it can be terrifyingly vague.

Mulberry Tinted Reasons unrealised Spencer/Ryan
Summary: Spencer will never be with Ryan. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be.

Illness Through The Seasons Gen
Summary: With different seasons come different sicknesses for different bands.

Gimme a Head With Hair Frank/Gerard. Mentions of open Frank/Jamia and open Gerard/Lyn-Z.
Summary: Five times Frank's hairstyle interfered with sex.

I Can Hate You, After You Pay Me Gabe/William (sort of)
Summary: The best part about being a teenager, Gabe thinks, is all the porn you get to watch.

Magic Moments Mikey/Pete, Mikey/Alicia, Gerard/Lyn-Z
Summary: Ever since they were teenagers Mikey and Gerard have been playing Magic The Gathering. It's always important to share what you enjoy with loved ones, though, right?

Patron Saint Of Cats Mikey/Jon
Summary: Mikey’s just trying to do a good deed. Jon’s the one who has to make it all complicated.

Tangled various combinations of Frank/Jamia/Lyn-Z/Gerard
Summary: Frank just wants to brush people's hair. When you're in high school though, nothing is ever that easy.

Waves of Change Brendon/Spencer, pre Brendon/Spencer/Ryan
Summary: Spencer is a merchant boy who speaks to Ryan every time the Smith boat goes past the Sirens, Brendon is the heavily religious boy that falls in love with Spencer, and can't understand his talking to demons.

These Shoelaces, I've Seen Them Before Bob gen, past Bob/Frank, Gerard/Frank, Jamia/Frank
Summary: Walking a mile in someone else's shoes is no good if they're shoes you donated in the first place.

Intervention From On High Gen
Summary: Four times the Olympians physically intervened in the lives of My Chemical Romance members, and one time they didn't.

Rolling for Snakeeyes Brendon/Pedicone
Summary: Drinking and playing games with My Chem is fine, it's drinking and playing games with My Chem and Dallon Weekes that fucks Brendon up.
~also podficced by [ profile] theletterelle here

Pediporta or Sapicone? Mike/Gabe, Mike/Gabe/Mikey
Summary: Five times Mike and Gabe hooked up.

My Heart's On Fire past Frank/Jepha, Jepha/OMCs
Summary: “So, I’m gonna pull a Carrie,” Frank says. Spencer seems the kind that would understand that.

When Home Is A Menagerie 28k. Mikey/Pete, Pete/Brendon, Mikey/Pete Brendon, Brendon/Gabe. Mentions of Mikey/Alicia, Gabe/Nate.
Summary: When the Uries don’t like Brendon’s performance at private school, they send him to a public school with lower expectations for senior year. What they’re not aware of is the mandatory community service credit Irving has for all seniors. Brendon decides not to tell them, instead taking the rare opportunity to finally make a decision of his own. Paws And Claws pet store might not be church affiliated, but what could be sinful about animals?

Brendon never had a large group of friends at Pine Crest. Or any friends, really. Alex Suarez isn’t particularly modest or pious, but he’s funny, and nice, and that’s more than Brendon’s ever had before. The other student at the pet store is harder to forgive. He looks highly alternative, and obviously smokes and has premarital sex.

With the sudden arrival of Mikey’s boyfriend over winter vacation, Brendon finds himself attracted, and terrified of that attraction. He heartily attempts to avoid awkward truths before finally giving in to his true nature, an act which costs him his church and family. But if there’s one lesson he’s learned senior year, it’s there is more than one way to live your life.

The Capacity Of Man 16k. Ray/Frank, Frank/Jamia (not infidelity), Mikey/Gerard, Patrick/Pete/Ashlee
Summary: When Ray Toro -a Normal destined to stay on Earth for the rest of his life- finds out that the government has sold him to an Other without so much as asking, he is highly unimpressed. He quickly changes to agreeable once he finds out that before he can be married, he must visit each other territory, and learn as much as he can from the Specials there. Surely eight weeks of real living is worth the end price, right?

A Life's Forecast preslash Brendon/Gerard
Summary: Brendon only gets his future told when he can no longer avoid it.

Hell is a Bill Murray Comedy Gen
Summary: The first time Mikey dies Frank cries. The second time he decides to change things.

SOL 2.0 Mikey/Pete mentions of Alicia/Mikey (not infidelity)
Summary: It's not exactly the Summer of Like, but it's something.

Between A Bed And A Hard Place Ray/Mikey, background Mikey/Pete
Summary: Doing favours for Mikey without Gerard's permission always turns out badly.

A State Of Orange 20k. Frank/Mikey, Frank/Gerard. Brief Frank/Pedicone, Frank/Ray. Background Mikey/Pete/Joe, Gerard/Bert.
Summary: Being a halfling in a red state can sometimes cause issues for Frank Iero. He’s the weakest at Jett Clement High School, and probably the entire state (not counting the meal plans). His moods are oddly stable, as much as he tries to be mercurial. And being able to withstand the sun for up to twenty minutes only allows him more time to be forced into chores.

Still, his parents are insane if they think he’s going to be happy about their decision. Frank doesn’t want to move to a Mixed state. How is he supposed to get great friends? How is he supposed to find great food? How is he supposed to have great sex? But Frank doesn’t have a choice. He’s New Jersey bound for the next year, if not longer. He’ll be surrounded by tame vampires who have been nagged out of a sex drive, and humans he’s not allowed to eat. Mixed states suck.

Lucky for him, not every person in Jersey sucks.

Old Silk Hat He Found Brendon/Ray
Summary: It may or may not be a magic hat that makes Ray check out Brendon. Opinions vary.

The Best IntentionsMikey/Frankie (always a girl)
Summary: Gerard wants to be the best lesbian sister supporting brother he can be. Which makes it really weird when Mikey brings home a guy.

Turning Pages Unrequited Frank/Bob, Bob/OMC
Summary: Frank isn't used to not getting what he wants. Even when he doesn't really know what he wants. He's a practitioner, after all.

Not Exactly Vegan gen, possible Pete/Patrick
Summary: As it turns out, when your entire society is divided by what it eats, pulling a hunger strike makes you a massive fuck-up.

Killin Before Killin' Was Cool 23k. Gerard/Frank, Mikey/Pete/Alicia. Briefly mentioned Frank/Jamia.
Summary: Gerard's not sure why the guy on the badminton team keeps trying to skewer him with a crossbow. After all, Gerard hasn't killed any of his friends, or even his host brother. But when you're in high school you don't really need a reason to kill someone, just whatever weapon is at hand, and five minutes to get the job done. At least Gerard is good at knowing when to duck. Better he get attacked than his friends. If he can just keep ducking for three years, he can graduate and live the rest of his life. Unfortunately, even those that make it out alive can never forget. After all, the past is never through with you.

Elderly Wisdom Bronx gen
Summary: If a teenager tells an adult something and he doesn’t listen, did the teenager really make a sound?

And if I Had A Hundred Sandwiches Frank/Gerard
Summary: Frank's not sick, not to begin with. He's just someone that enjoys petty revenge, until he gets one-uped, hard.

Adulthood Is A Thought Process (and not everyone needs to think) Brendon/Spencer
Summary: It's clearly the hand of Zeus that strikes Brendon down after he spends too long pissing everyone off by being stoic. Spencer's gonna convert.

Boundaries of a Scene Boy Gabe gen, background Mikey/everyone
Summary: Mikey is weird. It fucks with Gabe's head.

First Night Mikey/Alicia/Bebe
Summary: Mikey and Alicia's habit of occasionally picking up thirds goes wrong this time. Thankfully, Pete Wentz is always around to explain.

Four Years In The Making Spencer/Gerard
Summary: Ryan called it a forbidden love, once. And then Spencer actually made a move and Ryan turned from a romantic to a mother hen. Spencer's life is hard.

Four In The Morning Pete/Mikey
Summary: Five conversations Patrick didn’t need to have at four am (which seems to be the only time Pete can have conversations).

Rushing Through My Veins Bob/Mikey
Summary: When Bob gets sick from drinking poisoned blood, both the Ways have ideas for how to make things better.

New Starts and Clean Surfaces Gerard/Gabe
Summary: Gerard should have known better than to think this would work. Real estate agents help a lot of people, but they help average people. Gerard is not average.

Perils of P.E.
Summary: This is the kind of thing that happens in gym class. Gym class draws misery to it like a butterfly net of pain and horror. Mikey's certain it wouldn't happen in English class.

Get Down With The Sickness Frank/Jamia/Gerard
Summary: In hindsight, no one is really surprised when the band's exposure to The Sickness starts with Frank. He’s always the sick one, and they’re always trying to make him feel better.

Change Mikey/Alicia, Mikey/Pete
Summary: Mikey's the person that always rides the bus, never gets the Ferrari. Metaphorically speaking.
~also poddficced by [personal profile] sylvaine here

Couch Crashing Seduction Established Ray/James, Frank/Ray/James
Summary: Frank is going to make Ray want him. Even if he has to move into his apartment and overwhelm Ray into seeing how fucking awesome he is.

Boyfriend Toyfriend Ian/Alex
Summary: Dates with his boyfriend are better than interrogations from his cousin. Unfortunately Ian will have to take the good with the bad.

Burned By The Sun Patrick/Ryan
Summary: Patrick wakes up with makeup on his face, and knows it's the start of something.

Imbalance Brendon/Travis
Summary: In a world where a person's elements need to be balanced, Brendon's missing metal. Luckily Travis has some.

Midnight Lives Ray/Gerard
Summary: It's not that Ray's different people in the day and at night. It's just that during the day he has secrets he has to keep, and the night is for him and Gerard.

The Kind Of Guy That Wears A Suit Brendon/Frank
Summary: Brendon likes cupcakes, but his life is very complicated.

Make It Smoke 15k. Frank/OMC, Frank/Gerard
Summary: It's winter 2002, and Frank Iero has been happily living with his dom for over a year. Then, on the same day that Zeke betrays their relationship and his trust, a band stops at Zeke's shop. Frank hitches a ride and does his best to not fall in love with the lead singer. It's harder than it sounds.

Making Out: not just for stoners anymore! 7k. Spencer/Brendon, Brendon/Ryan, Spencer/Ryan
Summary: All of Ryan's dreams require making a scene to come true. He has to make a scene to get Pete Wentz's attention. He has to make a scene to get his father to give him a loan for university. He has to make a scene to get an audience to love them. He's not sure why it's a surprise that he has to make a scene to get Spencer to understand who he really is, and why he can't kiss him back.

Define Mate 10k. Ray/Mikey
Summary: Love is complicated. You can love your grandfather while not wanting to clean up after the remnants of his life. You can love your boyfriend while not being able to forgive him. And you can love yourself while wishing that you didn’t have so many fucking emotions. When Ray is given the opportunity to make his mental state simpler, more primal, less conflicted, he takes it.

Love Tale Pete/Travis
Summary: Once upon a time, two very different beings loved each other.

Four Times Frank Lied (and one time he told the truth) Frank/Mikey
Summary: Frank's a werecat. It's just easier when no one knows.

All That Shit Seems To Disappear When I'm With You 26k. Frank/Pete/Patrick/Mikey, past Frank/Bob
Summary: Frank’s been attracted to Mikey for awhile, a feeling that he’s kept carefully to himself. Other people don’t have the same compulsion for secrecy. On the first day of school there’s a short angry boy standing at Frank’s locker, condemning him for making Pete’s life hard. September quickly turns into a month of bad decision making as Frank, Pete, and Patrick deal with Mikey not feeling the same way they do.

Except, that’s not true. After all, none of them have actually asked Mikey his side of things.

Long Snake Moan 16k. Alex/Ryland, Alex/OFC, Alex/Ryland/Gabe/Victoria/Nate
Summary: Like everyone else, Alex's life will have four stages. First was his childhood. He was raised in Fish habitat with parents that kindly refrained from shapeshifting because all the best psychologists believed it alienated the incapable child from their adaptable parents, and all their close friends said shifting made their toddler poop themselves in fright.

At fifteen Alex left his childhood home to begin his five years of scouting, the process of furthering education so every youth can figure out which of the animal classes they should pledge to. Nineteen now, he’s close to pledging. When he does he’ll have to leave his communal living home, his school, and his best friend -and sometimes more- Ryland, in order to live in the wilderness and learn more about the animal side of himself. The things school can’t teach. Presuming he pledges successfully, lifelong symbiosis with one of the great Patrons of Nature -adulthood- is what follows.

Everything is going routinely until Nate makes Alex an offer he can’t turn down; a sneak peek at an adult habitat. It’s highly illegal for all concerned, but Alex knows this is something he wants to experience with Ryland. Unfortunately for him, Ryland is more interested in experiencing Gabe, one of Nate’s open relationship boyfriends.

Alex isn’t sure what class of animal he wants to pledge to. He’s not even sure if he believes in the six Patrons watching over all of them. All Alex is sure of is that he’s loved Ryland forever, and that he’s had a crush on Nate nearly as long, but neither come alone.

Here There Be Dragons Ray/Gerard
Summary: Ray knows Gerard likes his rockstar-biker-tough guy neighbour. Ray also knows he'd be terrified if he knew what Ray really is.

Game Over--Restart Game? G3rard/Party Poison
Summary: G3rard doesn't mean to pull another version of himself into his world. But he does, which means he has to deal with the consequences.

Lotteries and Lyrics Gen. Pete, Ryan
Summary: No one ever thinks they'll be the one picked for unpaid labour.

Caught In A Trap Mikey/Frank
Summary: Part of Mikey's duty as a werewolf on a new colony is to recruit.

Kisses In The Snow Gerard/Gabe
Summary: Gerard doesn't even notice he's snowed in until Gabe tells him. Luckily Gerard doesn't want Gabe to go anywhere.

What One Man Can Do Ray/Travis
Summary: After twenty years the world is just starting to go back to normal, and over half the citizens of the United States still have reservations about sex. Ray's part of a minority goverment group trying to reintroduce sex to the people.

A Man With Any Other Body Ray/Mikey
Summary: Four times Ray found himself turned into a woman, and one time he wished Mikey could do the same.

Arch Nemesis Mikey/Pete
Summary: To say that Mikey's experience with an endangered animal went poorly is an understatement.

Came Back, The Very Next Day James/Ray/Frank
Summary: James is dating men who happen to be incubi, not incubi men. Most of the world sees the race before the person, but James isn't most of the world.

Didn't Get To Heaven, But You Made It Close AAGRay/AAGMikey
Summary: Ray's new to this thing, whatever it is. But she'll do it right for her girlfriend. Mikey deserves getting it right.

Infected With The Past Frank/Gerard
Summary: Frank got sick so many times as a child that as an adult being sick just makes him feel scared and out of control.

Friendly Morning Greeting Gen. Frank, Mikey
Summary: In which Frank hates mornings, and Mikey is neither high nor insane.

Nothin' Left To Do But... Frank/Gerard
Summary: Frank won't have relations with his boyfriend until he doesn't smell

Accident Prone Mikey/Patrick
Summary: Stupid shit happens when you're drunk. Sometimes you need an adult to summarize just how stupid your shit is.

Everything In Its Place Ray/Gerard
Summary: It took Ray a while, but he finally figured out the best way to sell himself.

Open His Mind Mikey/OMC, Gerard/Lindsey/Jamia/Frank
Summary: Mikey learns a bunch of things about his brother over the course of twenty four hours.

Nobody's Flounder Pete/Gabe
Summary: If this is hazing, Pete would like to see what they consider good treatment.

Fuck Home background Jepha/Quinn
Summary: At some point you just have to say 'Fuck it, I'm not what you want me to be'. Bert's hit that point.

Cure For Boredom Ian/Ray
Summary: Ray works at a sex toy shop. It’s really much less skeevy than it sounds. And whatever skeeve there actually is, is skeeve Ian enjoys.


A Caricature of Intimacy established Sid/Tony, with Sid/Tony/Brendon, Tony/Brendon, Sid/Ryan/Spencer
Summary: Bandom/Skins. Panic comes to play at Jal's father's club. Tony and Sid really enjoy them. Like, really enjoy them.

A Night of Risky Business Sid/Mikey Way, Tony/Gerard Way, mentions of Sid/Tony, Sid/OMCs, Tony/OMCs
Summary: Bandom/Skins. Sid and Tony go for a night out, but thanks to shitty roommates don't have anywhere to go afterward

Saving and Being Saved gen; Mikey, Gerard, Frank, Bob, Ray
Summary: Bandom/Ender's Game. Five boys and Battle School. Nobody is satisfied, but one can imagine Graff doesn't care.

Musician. Lover. Mikey/Oz
Summary: Bandom/Buffy. Mikey Way is a music lover, so where better to find hook-ups than a music store?

Quiet Little Mountain Town Brendon/Spencer/Ryan/Jon
Summary: Bandom/South Park. If Spencer had known what would happen when the bus broke down in some shitty little town in Colorado, he probably would have walked to the next venue. Unfortunately hindsight is 20/20.

Born With It Brendon gen
Summary: Brendon wishes the magic of singing was true magic.

Sharing, Making Choices, and Other Things You Learn In Kindergarten Pete/Patrick, John/Bobby
Summary: Bandom/XMen Movieverse. Are mutants the next link in the evolutionary chain or simply a new species of humanity fighting for their share of the world? Either way it is a historical fact: Sharing the world has never been humanity's defining attribute. Or, Pete Wentz isn't good at putting up with other people's bullshit.

The Light Goes Out Pete/Ashlee, Pete/Patrick
Summary: Bandom/Angel. In season four of Angel, The Beast blots out the sun in LA, which lets vampires and all other demons roam free. You see it from the perspective of demon/vampire hunters, and it sucks to be them. It sucks even more to be an innocent citizen of LA.

White Powder Mission Victoria/Sock/Ben
Summary: Bandom/Reaper. Sam has to go capture another soul. Unfortunately for him, the soul has wormed it’s way onto a rock tour, and Gabe’s always been too interested in other people’s business for his own good.

Never Even Considered For Mass Production 27k. Ryan/St. John, Bobby/Rogue, Spencer/Boom Boom. Ryan/Spencer, St.John/Bobby. Frank/Jamia, Frank/Gerard, Frank/Mikey (not infidelity). Ray/Krista, Jon/Cassie, Pete/Patrick.
Summary: Bandom/XMen. While auditioning for Pete Wentz, Ryan and Brendon’s abilities trigger. Lucky for them, Pete happens to know of a school that can help them learn control. The situation doesn’t get much better when the four arrive at Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters. Ryan Ross and St. John Allerdyce both have the same problem; their best friend is in love with some stupid girl, instead of them. Just when they’ve found their own solution, the United States military attacks the school. When Magneto offers to take them away, of course they accept.

Meanwhile, the Mutant Registration Act is gaining favour in the United States. Pete shows his opinion by attempting to sign a mutcore band to his label, to Joe’s approval, ignoring the difficulties Andy notes. My Chemical Romance takes a more visible stance, including but not limited to Frank outing himself and Gerard making scenes. Post Midtown ex-activist Gabe Saporta is looking for a new purpose in life, and ends up exactly where he was before. And Singer has to deal with the aftereffects of the mutant-outing headache that swept the world.

With so much hate in the air, sometimes there’s no choice left but to reinvent love.

I Was A Pop-Punk Fairy Gen with a Pete/Mikey vibe
Summary: Bandom/I Was A Teenage Fairy. Pete is the King of the Fairies. But that can get lonely, so he likes talking to the Giants all around him, even the ones that can't hear or see him. If Los Angeles is woman reclining billboard model, and San Fernando Valley her teeny bopper sister, New York the pale and henna dyed cousin, then maybe Chicago and New Jersey are the hardened aunts; denim jackets covering hoodies on one end, scuffed shitkicker boots on the other.

Ugly Is The New Bubbly Pete/Patrick
Summary: Bandom/Uglies trilogy. Almost-sixteen year old Patrick is obsessed with becoming a Pretty, but when his best friend Joe runs away, his chances are ruined. To achieve his dream, he has to find Joe and bring him back to the city. On the way, he meets Pete, a twenty-two year old Ugly that changes his mind totally about the Operation and how his life has been lived so far.

Hie Ho Hie Ho, It's Off To A Venue We Go Frank/Jamia, future Frank/Jamia/Gerard
Summary: Bandom/Snow White. It's not Frank's fault he gets lost in the woods, and it's certainly not his fault the only people around to rescue him are seven hermits.

Fangs Up Gen; Gabe, Harry
Summary: Bandom/Harry Potter. Someone finally takes notice of the fact that Gabe Saporta says he spoke to a snake.

Live By The Sword Gen; Ray, Chrestomanci, Brendon, Gabe, Pete, Cat. preslash Ray/Pete.
Summary: Bandom/Chrestomanci. The older Ray gets, the more different he becomes from everyone else in territory fifteen. Eventually the Gods reject him completely, and it's only then that he finds a different explanation for his oddities.

Otherworldly Experiences Mikey/Ronon, Mikey/Teyla, Mikey/Rodney, Mikey/John
Summary: Bandom/Stargate Atlantis. Four times Mikey ended up in the Pegasus galaxy.

Escalation Kurt, Gerard/Frank, mentions of Gerard/Bert, Bert/Quinn Allman.
Summary: Bandom/Glee. The new student at McKinley doesn't take kindly to homophobia.

The Nightclub Sets The Stage Gerard/Ray
Summary: Bandom/Buffy. Gerard goes outside into the alley for a hookup after playing the Bronze. This isn't the best idea he's ever had.

Family Mikey/Gerard/Hamadryad
Summary: Bandom/Lazarus Long. Mikey will always love Gerard best, but sometimes Gerard needs a third party. Hamadryad likes them enough to invite them home.

Laughter And Fun: Must All Never Be Undone 18k. Mikey/Gabe, past Mikey/Matt/Kim, Mikey/Boots, Gabe/Pete, Mikey/Gabe/Pete, Bruno/Boots, Cathy/Diane
Summary: Bandom/MacDonald Hall. After being expelled for having sex in a secluded stairwell Mikey and Gabe are sent to a Canadian boarding school. Gabe would point out to his parents that that isn't really a location likely to make them have less sex, but he'd like to avoid a worse alternative. Once they arrive he's glad he didn't mouth off. As it turns out, Macdonald Hall is just about the perfect place for an adventure filled senior year.

Game Mikey/Gabe/Jay
Summary: Bandom/Askewniverse. Everyone reacts differently to having a repressed gay friend. Gabe and Mikey decide to play gay chicken with theirs.

Six Scenes of Questionable Sanity Gen; Walter, Gabe
Summary: Bandom/Fringe. Peter's moral of the story is always stock Walter's snacks.

Saviour of The Broken, The Beaten, and The Damned Ian/Gerard
Summary: Bandom/Avengers. One of Ian's best friends in high school was Darcy Lewis. Lucky for him, he keeps in contact with all his friends, and Darcy doesn't keep secrets well.

The Whys and Wherefores of Awkward Ryan Atwood/Seth/Ryan Ross
Summary: Bandom/The OC. The problem with your crush having the same name as your best friend is he might misinterpret private occasions he happens to overhear.

One Day Ghosts Will Perv Alex/Pete
Summary: Bandom/American Horror Story Cobra's second CD was conceived mostly on their tour bus, the third made in a cabin in Pennsylvania, their fourth in a shitty basement, and now their fifth will be in a supposedly haunted house in LA.


A bunch of Gerard based drabbles

More Gerard based drabbles

Drabbles Killjoys GSF, Pete/Mikey, Brendon/Spencer

Drabbles Gabe/Pete, Frank/Mikey, Ray/Mikey, Showpony/Dr Death Defying

Drabbles based on my Communications textbook William/Gabe, Frank/Ryan, Pete/Gerard, Andy/Brendon, Gabe/Frank, Ryan/Pete, Gerard/Andy, Brendon/William.

A bunch of Bert/Gerard drabbles

Post Summer of Like mix with drabble explanations

Panic werewolves and serial killer Gerard


Sixteen Killjoys Icons

Ten Bob Icons

Sixteen Ray Toro Icons

Nine Gerard/Gun OTP Icons
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