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So I've decided to attempt BBB this year. I've decided to continue a WIP I abandoned, mostly because most of my other BB ideas can be translated into other fandoms, but this one has to has to HAS TO be bandom.

I'm pretty happy right now, because after not writing for most of December and Jaunary, when I opened a Glee WIP to write more it was totally dead. Was. Not. Going. To. Happen. And I was freaking out that my writing-self is broken. But when I opened the BBB last night I was like I AM FEELING THIS SO HARD.

The one problem is I'm rotating POV's, because it helps me get through long-fic, and one of the characters doesn't really have an arch. All of his scenes are just big ___ in my notes, while the others have lots of things to do. I need to figure out another aspect of the universe I'm writing it that I can attach to him.

The other problem I'm having is that the sole female has kind of a controversial attitude. I really want her issue to be included in this 'verse, and I don't want to shame it, because there's a RL correlation and I wouldn't shame those people in RL. At the same time, her boyfriend is going to end up breaking up with her over it, and dating someone on the opposite side of the issue. So not only do I have to figure out how to write this respectfully/tactfully/allowing for multiple sides to be "right", I also have to figure out how to not fridge her.

....this summary is going to be so weird and I'm totally going to be the last person to get a mix. *sigh*
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