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My dad's called me an infidel at least fifteen times today. I don't think he's gonna stop any time soon. This is gonna get old.

Why, you ask. Well, because a few days ago the progressive conservative (Canada's republicans) leader of Manitoba released a Youtube video saying:

"I wanted to wish everyone a really, really Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah … all you infidel atheists out there, I want to wish you the very best also.I don't know what you celebrate during the holiday season. I, myself, celebrate the birth of Christ, but it's your choice, and I respect your choice. If you wish to celebrate nothing and just get together with friends, that's good too."

And he's getting suuuuuper slammed by all the liberals and NDPs. And by the general public too. Manitoba rings in at about 20 percent atheist according to the latest census, so he's poking at sort of a large minority.

Meanwhile my parents are very lightly catholic, in that they believe, but they weren't the ones that taught me to pray, we've never been to church once in my life, and they gave zero fucks when I first tried out pentecostal, and then went LOL NOPE THIS DOESN'T WORK TOTAL ATHEIST. And as soon as they found out about this they decided to call me an infidel. I'm not offended, I know they don't mean anything by it. I just gotta prepare myself to hear it like 40 trillion times before they move on to the next joke.

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Date: 2013-12-03 01:29 pm (UTC)
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Hey dude, did the SGA DVDs ever arrive?


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