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So I decided fuck it, I'm going to catch up to Supernatural. (I watched season 1 and 2 on tv when it first aired, but it was against something better on s3 and then i just never DLed it)

I sort of want to watch it for itself, but lets be real, I also want to watch it because of fandom. I've read through a lot of smaller fandoms I love, and SPN is like HP, the fic production just NEVER STOPS. Also there are so many gifsets I don't currently understand.

My best female friend owns 1-4 on dvd. I just traded s2 for s3 the other day. I was talking to her about how it sucks that there are no real female characters, although I liked Jo in the few eps she was in. And Kay told me that it doesn't really get better, but at least in s3 there's a female char. ...but that fandom hates her.

I'm about a third into s3, the last ep I saw was one with a pirate ghost drowning people who had hurt their relatives. And there are TWO female characters. yay!

...if fandom hates Ruby, at this point I am sad. Maybe she'll be a worse demon later, but right now I quite like her. Why are you helping don't tell me I want to guess every time you come on screen. *chinhands*

...if fandom hates Bella fandom is right. I do too. Except I hate her for really Canadian, socialism reasons, and I'm not sure if that's why fandom hates her? She just seems like the ultimate capitalist, selling everything no matter how many people die from not having the book needed at the time. I'm the kind of person that LIKES paying taxes because I know they go to helping society, so, yeah, right now the demon character seems a whooooole lot less evil than the human character.

Also, coming from a Buffy background, SPN's vampires are faily and bad. I kind of want to skip the next ep, because the menu seems to be about vamps.

Also also, as a defense mechanism every time Dean says something anti-femme or homophobic I assume he's saying it because he's deeply closeted. (and I bet there are like ten billion fics that do the same.)

But 2.3 down, 6.7 plus however many 9 has had so far to go!


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