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For my dressup Kink_Bingo square, I made an ot6 set of Avengers bracelets.

First I cut the leather, then drove about ten holes per bracelet. I tried to do it evenly, but I'm pretty bad at eyeballing measurements, and I couldn't mark the leather because pencil doesn't erase on leather.

The next steps were dyeing them, then weaving suede through. It was a little hard making sure I got the right symbolic colours. For example, my leather store doesn't sell yellow suede, and metallic are COMPLETELY out of the question, and you can't dye things metallic either, so Thor ended up nothing like what I'd originally envisioned.

It took me a while to get around to making them, but I'm super happy I did. For the last few movies I've just worn my Ironman faceplate shirt. But now I have ot6 bracelets, and the next thing on the craft list is to stencil a shirt that says "Who Do You Ship?" so by the time CA2 and Guardians come around, I should have the perfect fan outfit.

Pics under the cut!

 photo avengers1_zps94f2d8b1.jpg
Captain America- red and navy
Ironman- sunflower yellow substitute for gold, and red
Black Widow- black and red

 photo avengers2_zps8fcceaf1.jpg
Thor- brown and grey (no metallics :( )
Hawkeye- black and purple
Hulk- leaf green and light green (a lot of his Google images symbols had yellow or purple, but I decided on just green)

And an altogther shot...just like they should be.
 photo avengers3_zpsf43d9e32.jpg


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