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Dear Yuletide Author:

Hi! Thanks for writing for me. My Things I Like lists tend to be pretty long (thanks Harry Potter and the literal hundreds of fests I signed up for) but I hope they're not obnoxiously so. Rifle through and pluck out the bits that sound interesting :)

In general: I'd rather have an in character conversation than an unoffensive conversation. This probably goes mostly for Skins, but I mean it for any of the fandoms. Misogyny, racism, homophobia- if the characters would say it, write it.

One of my fandoms include a lot of drug use, and the others could easily have it written in. Please, for the love of the Powers That Be, if you're writing them doing ___, write it accurately. Nothing kills a fic faster for me than a fic where someone takes E and gets really mad, or snorts coke and gets sleepy. If you haven't done anything in your past, a great resource is There are about a thousand drugs listed, all with both scientific information and write-in trip reports.

I see life through slash coloured glasses. I automatically go to slash, then poly, then gen, then het. I'd really rather a genfic than a focus on heterosexual romance. And if you do write a slash or poly fic, I'm down with any rating. From essentially gen where they call each other boyfriend but don't even hold hands to 1k of fucking, I'm good. And if you do aim for a higher rating, I quite like nearly any kink. Some of my favourites are makeshift bondage (like ties or clothes pushed half off to restrict movement) public teasing into being turned on, making people blush, dirty talk, marks of ownership (not necessarily hardcore like collaring, though that's great, having a bracelet to wear or a string of hickies work too). But really, if you wanted to go for any kink I'd be happy. My only limit is no guro/vore.

I really enjoy AUs. I am especially fond of different SETTING AUs as compared to different SITUATION Aus. IE: dystopias, high schools, boarding schools and college are all fantastic, everyone is a vampire/werewolf/opposite gender/whatever not so much. I also like pre/post canon stories, like Skins pre-college, or Bruno's life post Macdonald Hall. But if canon is what you're comfortable with I'm down with that too.

Note: massages are a trigger of mine. It's really upsetting to read them. I'm okay with dub-con (whether due to manipulation or intoxication), but straight up non-con is not enjoyable.

More specifically:

Skins- uk:
If you go to ao3, I've written 11 of the 21 Sid/Tony fics. In general I'm a massive multi-shipper, but this is a fandom where I OTP. I don't mind Michelle, but I strongly dislike Cassie, especially in season two. Chris and Maxxie are pretty cool, Anwar is a jerk, and I am ambivalent to Jal. My headcanon is Sid comes back from New York about a week after the show ends. If you can't write slash that's fine, but I'd still like Sid or Tony centric. I love how willing to put up with anything Sid is, and how much he wants to prove himself to the people around him. I love how artistically Tony can manipulate everyone around him. Sometimes he's close to sociopathic, which I find great. One of my favourite scenes in the show is in the Russian episode, how offended Tony looks at being told he's bad at blowjobs. You know he's the kind of guy that hates being told he sucks. Again, a high rating or ANY rating isn't necessary, but their relationship seems SO Dom/sub to me that any mention of Sid doing what Tony thinks they should do is great. I also tend to get the feeling that Sid likes to be humiliated.

Macdonald Hall:
I ship Bruno/Boots and Bruno/Boots/Cathy/Diane. I really would not be interested in one male/one female. Again, it comes down to the D/s dynamic. Even if it isn't sexual, I love how Bruno can talk anyone into doing anything, even though they're always initially reluctant. The same goes for Cathy. With Macdonald Hall I enjoy the stuff that comes up in all the books; crazy plans, Fish knowing all, Scrimmage and her shotgun, that thing Korman does where there's a large group of people talking and they all have one line and no one gets named. The phrase "sanctity of Macdonald Hall". I like the fact that the secondary characters are one dimensional- Elmer should always be smart, Sidney should always hurt himself, Wilbur should always eat.

Bugs Potter:
The best part of this duology is just how passionately Bugs cares about music. I believe that no matter what goes down in his life, he'll never stop playing and listening. This could be set in either book. Or maybe it's post apocalyptic, and Bugs wrangles enough survivors to start his own band. Or maybe it's post series, and Bugs has dropped everything in life to go be an Endomorph groupie, and it's Bugs/5 musicians. As long as there's music, I don't care. I ship Bugs/Adam, I wrote a manifesto for them for kink_bingo 2012, but I'd be fine with Bugs/Gus or Bugs/Roger, or maybe the whole Nickaninny band!

I Want To Go Home:
I do love Rudy and Mike together. I cannot even tell you how much I enjoy the phrase "I don't..." followed by excellent doing of that thing. Also Mike calling people twits. I firmly believe that they live the rest of their lives together, if not as boyfriends, as best friends. I'd be joyous at a continuing of their adventures together. That being said, I requested any because I'd also love to see Chip or Pierre fleshed out.

After the nightmare year with Miller and Webster does Chip continue to be a camp counsellor? What if he does, and Miller and Webster come back? Or what if it's 5 years from then and Miller and Webster decide to be counsellors?

And Pierre! He laughs at the box of dirt, proving he's got a great sense of humor. He knows they're going to sneak out the back of the dance, and is waiting with a lawn chair. How does he know? When Rudy refuses to scrub floors he plays along and gives them a 'wage increase' to get them working again. Does he have like 40 weird cousins so he knows how to deal with weird kids? Maybe his boyfriend's got a 2 year old who's only word is "no!" and he sees her in Rudy?


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