May. 8th, 2018

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It's been a long long time since I've posted here, but tumblr is very bad for finding posts you've written again, and I want to have a record of how I feel right now, for the future.

Yesterday, Monday the seventh, I got a job. The place I interviewed at on Friday liked me enough to call my references that afternoon and hire me Monday. I’d actually been sleeping, the phone woke me up, but dad got it first. I got out of bed anyway, to ask who it was, and he held the phone out to me. I took it, disappointed, knowing it was either Thur’s or Fri’s daycare phoning to tell me the position had been filed. I was worried about how I would handle myself, stay calm, since I’ve felt so upset at all the ‘no thanks’ emails. Because there’s been a few. I interviewed at

the weird walk in at anglia

And sent in more resumes that didn’t even get responses, and each time it was a negative I felt bad. Instead the director asked if I still wanted to work there. My response was something like yes! Yes yes yes! So I start this Thursday! I woke Mom up to tell her, and she couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards, she was so excited. It’s a nice change from when I didnt get the Stanley job, and she said she would stop taking her diabetes medication, my unemployment made her so depressed she wanted to die.

It’s scary though. Knowing I have to do this for eight hours a day, knowing how mcray went wrong. I worry I’m only good in four hour, part time stints. I’ve always said I have low ambitions, but what if I’m just lazy? And I don’t even know what’s fully expected of me. The position was supposed to be for 3-5 year olds, but when she asked I said my favourite age group was 2′s, and when I did the hands on, floor part of the interview she had me work with 2′s, and the 3-5 shift was supposed to be 8.15-5.15, but she told me to come in at 8.30 on Thursday, so maybe I’m NOT working with the 3′s?

I just really, really want this to go well. I’m a Hufflepuff at heart, so loyal. I want to work at the same place for ten years or more, I want to nest somewhere. Please, universe, let things go well.


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