Aug. 5th, 2013

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1) reversebb is at 3.6k. I have 9 days to make 1.4 more k. Suck it, deadline!

2) Doctor Who- your fandom is kind of miserable and shitty. The amount of people complaining today was ridiculous. I'm really glad that this is a fandom where I squee to myself each episode, but move on, except for the very rare read of 11/Rory/Amy triadfic, because reading through tumblr was nothing but squee harshing.
2a) Dude's also Sid's dad in Skins. IE: my favourite character of a British tv show. By the end of this season I will have concocted a great crossover plan.

3) I'm 90% sure I have an ear infection. Monday's a national holiday. Earliest I can see someone without bothering with the emergency room is Tuesday 8am. I'm just gonna take a lot of tylenol to keep the fever I think I have down. And convince myself I shouldn't try to scratch it with a straw or something.

4) a fic I'm writing for kink bingo for a fairly large fandom will be the first tagged with that. Either I'll end up being That Author, or it'll be ignored completely. But whatever, I like being the person who writes shit half the fandom sideeyes.

5) worship is the hardest kink bingo kink there is. Some of the kinks that are considered hard I have no problem with. Like guro was on my card and I wrote one easily, and have about three other guro ideas. For example- necrophilia sounds horrifying until you watch Idle Hands and Seth Green is a sarcastic intelligent teenage zombie, and you're like 'damn, I could totally write you jerking off'. Or furry/plushie. I honest to god have 4 different fics in my head that fit that. I've actually gotten it on every card I've ever signed up for. And I've totally got a vomit-fic in the back of my head if I ever get 'bodily secretions'.

But worship is impossible. It's either body part worship, which I have trouble relating to, since I'm basically a hands off voyeur. Or it's gods and goddesses worship, and I am SO ATHEIST that I barely understand that at all. I can only mentally picture it as a Glory/minions thing, and I can't do a Glory fic since I already wrote Buffy for a different square and I'm getting the 25 fandoms blackout achievement. And I can't think of any other fandom I'm into with gods and goddesses. Unless I speedwatch season 1-7 of SPN to get to the angely bits.

Worship- Y U So Hard?

6) LJ, if you don't let me crosspost this post I will fucking stab you. (And then I will manually post this on you, because I have a fellow Doctor Who lover on LJ)


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