Jul. 22nd, 2013

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So, on Friday my cousins all went to Dakota Community Centre, otherwise known as Jonathon Toews Community Centre. They got there kind of early, since my clan is an "on time is late" clan. Also one of my cousins uses a wheelchair, so it was sort of get there first or be behind three rows of standers and see fuck all. There was a large crowd by the time the Toews got there. Apparently they came through a different entrance so no one really saw anyone until the Toews were sitting down. And then Andree spotted Christian (tallest cousin) (no, taller than you're imagining, seriously ridiculously basketball player tall) and she elbowed Bryan and the whole family waved. Just a friendly, neighbourly wave.

The event planner picked up on it and asked my cousins if they wanted to be first in line to hold the cup. They said it was no big deal, since they've still got the pics from 2010, they were really just there to cheer on Jonathon. It wasn't like they'd see him later, he was probably gonna have some big party afterwards. So the guy asked if they'd stand to the side then, so everyone else could get their turns. They started to, because manners.

That's when Jonathon came over and basically thrust the cup at Cam. And when someone tries to pass you the Stanley fucking Cup, you don't not take it. But because he was the first person it was passed to, Associated Press took a picture. And it's pretty much everywhere hockey related right now.

 photo 201307191542565476627_zps50341298.jpg

Which I find hilarious, really, because my other cousins were heckling how deer-in-the-headlights he was looking.

And then Jonathon told Cam to give the cup a kiss. And he did. And there's video of it on Blackhawks.com. It's so inappropriate to want a gifset for tumblr of that, isn't it? (yes, but I don't care because ahahahaha)

So they went home, congratulations said. And then Jonathon called, and asked if they wanted to go to a private party at Tavern United. They said yes, obviously.

Where was I? I was at the Fringe Festival. I've seen 17 plays in 4 days. Sorry fandom, I know I could have asked him something, or done something. Figured out what cologne he wears so you can write more accurate fics. But FRINGE. FESTIVAL. I regret NOTHING.


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