Jun. 21st, 2013

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Okay, just finished day four of Children of Earth. Ianto is dead. I am displeased.

(like every other person that's ever watched this show)

I guess at this point my next step is to go read my LJ flist from 2009. Because I distinctly remember some "he didn't have to die, Jack could have done [something]" posts, but I can't remember what they say the something was, and the way I watched it, it looked like they were fucked from the get-go. Maybe if you're a hardcore Torchwood fan you see it differently though? Like how in my mind I have a dozen different ways to end Angel season five and X-Men 3.

Makes me wonder how Miracle Day is going to work, though, if it's only Jack and pregnant!Gwen, who can't do any running for long periods of time. I guess maybe the personal assistant that Gwen convinced to come to Torchwood's side might make three?

But Iannnnto ~flails~ I'm gonna need some awesome sci-fi alternate timeline fix it.

And can I just say, that with a population of like eight billion people, losing ten percent would probably actually be really healthy? Like I realise socially speaking, sacrificing children is evil and everything. But logically? Canada could afford to lose 3 million kids. And our pop density is only 8.3 per square mile. USA's is 88 per square mile. UK's is 661 per square mile. We are all the fuck over each other. Weeding out the herd wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

I should go to bed, but I still have ep five to watch, so I won't. #PoorLifeChoices


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