Jun. 16th, 2013

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A miracle has happened!

It took me over ten years, but I finally got my dad to watch X-Men 2 with me. I wouldn't necessarily call it my favourite movie, or the one that means the most to me. But it definitely wins 'watched the most times'. I've seen it over 100 times.

My dad called to me from the living room, asking me if i knew who Hugh Jackman was. (Sarcasm, he knows my fandoms) Obviously I got up to see which movie he was talking about. It was the third scene of x2, not Wolverine going through Alkali Lake, or the president, but the Pyro setting that douche's arm on fire at the museum part. And I sat down to watch until the first commercial, except then somehow we ended up watching the whole thing.

He always said he was not remotely interested. But he TOTALLY WAS. At multiple points he put down his handheld poker game to watch more closely. He turned the volume up a few times, when the conversations were quieter. And he flipped off the military several times ...actually at all the times that I did. Cut from the same cloth, we are.

(also, he gets bonus points for getting all pissed off when Mrs Drake asked Bobby if he'd ever tried not being a mutant. He spent the entire commercial break being sarcastic about how Bobby should just pray the mutant away.)

So yeah, now I'm trolling the Bobby/John lj comm, reading old fic, trying to remember what a few stories I really like are called. Because apparently fandoms are like Hotel California...you can check out anytime, but you can never leave.


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