Jun. 5th, 2013

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Another round of Torchwood thoughts:

Adam- 3/4ths of the ep I was just shouting WHO ARE YOU at the screen, because no, get the fuck out. Although I gotta admit confident!Tosh and nerd!Owen intrigued me. Also serial killer Ianto? As soon as I'm done the series I will be looking for some SK AU. Because daaaamn boy, I can see that working. The implanting in the most important memory thing, that was fucking harsh. >:(

Reset- OH, MARTHA. MY THIRD FAVOURITE COMPANION. ( JSYK 1) Stormageddon's dad, 2) Amy+Rory) NICE TO SEE YOU. ...I bet that jack's sex is bordering on avant-garde is heavily used in the fandom. ...Oh, all the smirky in-jokes, like Jack+Martha working under the same doctor...OMG OWEN. WHAT? WHUT? USE THAT THING, THAT HAND THING FROM THOSE TWO EPS!

Dead Man Walking- awesome, they totally used the hand thing. Good job Jack (you're a hypocrite but I don't care since I like Owen second best to Ianto) Jack waking him up just for the code was douchy. Except I bet you care you're just being all ~manly~ HAHA LOOK AT ALL THAT PUKE *is 7* Oh good Jack you do care about Owen. I feel better now. WAIT IS OWEN MIND CONTROLLING THE WEEVIELS? Cancer kid will defeat all? Black Parade AU? Nope, Owen did it. That's cool too. Yay happy ending! Wait no, preview for the next ep looks pretty non-happy. *sigh*

Six episodes left, and then I have to start COE. Which will only be awful, because while I'm as *meh* to Jack/Ianto as I am to Kurt/Blaine, I really like Ianto as much as I like Kurt. ...Wait, is that a crossover? Because they're both very...I dunno. Ianto could be Kurt's dad or they could be BFFs or they could fuck. They just match in a variety of ways....13 crossovers on ao3, nothing Kurt+Ianto. Will fix this, since I'm sure I'll need a happy AU after COE.


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