Jun. 1st, 2013

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1) Last weekend my mom and I had a two day garage sale with four other houses on my block. This involved a lot of carrying things, a lot of being up at hours that are completely foreign to me, and sitting on a fleece blanket on the concrete because we only have one lawnchair and the 51 year old woman gets it.

On the other hand, I made 42 bucks and my mom made 53. I was stoked because I thought I'd make ten, she was bummed because she thought she'd made hundreds. (I was also stoked because I made The Answer's amount of money. *sci-fi nerd*)

2) I was asked what I was going to buy. My reply: "well, my skullcandy headphones keep cutting in and out, and my vibrator keeps on stopping even though the batteries are new. So whichever one breaks completely first, I guess." Their reply: o.0 I REGRET NOTHING.

3) And then Masterchef started. Which is my cooking show crack. Who cares about Top Chef or Chopped or Iron Chef? Bring me Masterchef! Everything Gordon Ramsey bitches about delights me. Back when we were stoners Vince and I would watch hours of Kitchen Nightmares at a time.

4) I saw my nephew Rylan. He is six months, and babbles up a storm, and doesn't seem to mind when the dog licks his entire face in one swoop. I will forever be the only one in the extended family that knows how to spell his name right. Thank you Cobra Starship. (also wondering how long into junior high it'll take for someone to start singing Pleasure Ryland at him. Because it didn't take long at all to get Stacey's Mom belted at my face)

5) Kay called, asking if I wanted to hang out a bit. Came home two days later. Because that's how unemployed people roll.

6) We watched all of Bates Motel. I wish I could remember which one of my flist got really really mad on twitter about a particular episode and rage-quit. Because they were all 'this went too far', and watching it, well, it's ALL too far? Like it's a pretty nasty show. Nothing really stuck out as worse than anything else? (I did think it was hilarious that me and Kay handled the cesty vibes better than Vince though, because of her anime history and my Harry Potter.)

7) I HAVE FIFTEEN DAYS TO WRITE 20 AVENGERS STORIES BEFORE KINK BINGO AMNESTY IS OVER. SEND HELP. Or some sort of machine that I think at and it transcribes my thoughts. Because I have ideas for almost all of the prompts, I just need to write them.


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