May. 8th, 2013

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Okay, so. I know a Doctor Who in the near future will have allll the companions, so I was trying to finish my pre-11 watch before that happened. I got down to the last two eps of season four, and the preview had the Torchwood guys, and I realised it was gonna be like when Buffy/Angel were concurrent and referenced each other. I didn't want to get spoilered for TW so I looked it up on wiki, and the last two eps of season 4 fall after the first two seasons of TW. So now I have watch that all before I watch season 4 before I watch 11+Oswin meeting ALLLLL the people.

I think I'm fangirling Torchwood wrong. I'm a few eps in. I like that the eps are darker than DW, much like Angel was darker than Buffy. And I do appreciate that Owen's had a MMF threesome, that Gwen's kissed an alien girl, and I'd have to be blind and deaf to not know that Jack and Ianto eventually become canon OTP.

(Mostly because I was on LJ the night that the last ep of Children of Earth aired, and there were literally 13 posts in a row of rage-quit sobbing weeping hatred anger depression. So I have that to look forward to.)

So yeah, the LGBTQ section is flourishing, which is great. But this OTP does not work for me. At least not yet. I'm up to the fairies ep. IE: last episode Jack made Ianto kill his girlfriend, and said he'd kill them both if Ianto didn't. YOU'RE A PRICK, JACK. FUCK YOU, JACK. Ianto was crying for over half the ep and all I wanted to do was hold him. YOU DON'T DESERVE HIM, JACK.

I think I'm gonna ship Ianto/Owen.

This is like that time I was in [every fandom I've ever been in] and shipped [obscure shit with ten fics total] instead of [OTP with rabid fangirls].


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