Apr. 25th, 2013

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So it's been a few days since I got back from the states, but I wasn't able to go on the computer for days, so I spent the last few catching up on everything.

And there's been A LOT. As some of you could guess looking at my ao3, I've been drawn into Glee fandom pretty hard. Well, I started watching back in college shipping Finn/Puck, from 1x01 when they had a conversation about prostates, the first fic I wrote was a Finn/Puck/Kurt, I spent a month reading two long F/P/K's, which led to meeting nubianamy and co-writing a 160k F/P/K. I don't really DO OTPs, (a few exceptions in specific fandoms aside), but if I had one it would probably be Finn/Puck.

Last Thursday's ep delivered my OTP. HARD. They moved in together, they got called gay and didn't deny it, and then Puck used the phrase 'gonna be on your ass 24/7' EXCUSE ME WOT? I didn't get to watch it until days later, and by the time I did Glee had been renewed for two seasons. Also "Pinn week" is two weeks from now on tumblr, so I've had to start writing seven Pinn fics. (yes, I got a tumblr. It's basically all for glee, so I don't rave about it here, where no one cares)

Add to that my crafting forum stuff, and Pete Wentz being amazing and Gerard tweets and there's been a lot of excitement. *snuggles the concept of fandom* WHAT DO PEOPLE DO WITH THEIR LIVES IF THEY DON'T HAVE SOMETHING TO LOVE??? ...Oh yes. They drink. Or at least that's all Vince's boyfriend's friends did while we were there. It was like 4 days of shopping and drinking.

...I like fandom better.


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