Apr. 17th, 2013

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About 15 hours until my first road trip! :D

Well, sort of. Vince's boyfriend lives in South Dakota, he drives down to see him every few weeks. But now Josh is turning 21, and we noble Canadians have been drinking for YEARS, so me and Kay are invited for the party. We're gonna show him how it's done!

The drive's only like 4 hours, but we're couch crashing until Saturday. Actually Vince works later that day, so I have to make sure everyone's up at 4am to start driving. It's my job because they both sleep through alarms, and I stay up until 6 most days anyway. So for me we're staying until late Friday night.

It's so weird to be leaving my city and NOT going to see fen. The last five times at least have been for cons. I can totally see myself poking Josh and wondering why he's not talking about Ron Weasley or My Chem or Supernatural or something.

It's 3am and I haven't packed yet. Or washed anything. Or like, planned out what my OCD ass is going to eat for the next three days. But I do have my money exchanged, so I should get points for that.

Also, I need to remember to write down all my passwords for things. Because I'm not taking my laptop, and everything I use automatically logs in. I'll cry if I can't use twitter until late Saturday. But just in case, saying my goodbyes now!


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