Mar. 31st, 2013

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3 QUILTBAG things that make me pleased to live where I'm living.

1) About a week ago a bill was passed in the House of Commons (equivalent to your senate) to change the Human Rights Act and the criminal code so that it's now illegal to discriminate against transgendered people, that it'll be a hatecrime. Even some Conservatives (your Republicans) voted for it. Good job being sane, Conservatives!

2) Manitoba is currently in the process of passing an anti-bullying bill that would make every school in the province have to have a Gay-Straight Alliance. Not just public schools, all faith based private schools too. Some tiny religious towns like Steinbach are all pissed off about it, saying that they're being forced to promote things that they don't agree with. The Education Minister basically told the religious people to shove it. She said there will be no exemptions, that it'll be in affect by the 13/14 school year.

2a) I just noticed as I was reading an article about the above:
-He points to a 2011 Canada Human Rights Trust study revealing, “20.8 per cent of LGBTQ students indicated being physically harassed due to their sexual orientation, compared to 7.9 per cent of non-LGBTQ participants.”
but American stats I just checked say nine out of ten GBLT students are bullied. So I guess that goes along with the whole "the high school gala went to didn't have a GSA because no one I knew felt like we needed one" thing. Still, good on the Minister for forcing the small towns to have them.

3) I wouldn't say I'm a reality tv junkie. I watch Amazing Race with my mom, and Big Brother myself. I've been watching BB since I was twelve, which was season two. And on every single season of it there was the campy gay guy that would inevitably be forced to have an "explain your lifestyle, Y U GAY DON'T U NO IT'S RONG?" conversation with the republican.

A month ago the first season of Big Brother Canada started airing. There was the campy gay guy, but there didn't seem to be any fundies, so I was like "good job, Canadian casting". And then came last episode, in which they played spin the bottle and aside from the het kissing, every single male in the house made out with every male, and every female with every female. And there were no shits given. GOOD JOB CANADIAN CASTING.


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