Mar. 8th, 2013

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So I've been backreading an angst meme, and then a prompt came up that intrigued me. Not because I wanted to write it, just I love when prompts are based on things that aren't words, if that makes sense.

"Something based on the game "loved". (

SPOILERS FOR THE GAME AHEAD, sort of- I reccommend playing it through first. It's haunting stuff. (Trigger warning for some creepy emotional-abuse stuff though.) So one major interpretation of the game is that it's about an emotionally abusive relationship, and how it may seem it's easier to go along with your abuser, but only because THEY choose to make it hard not to. I'd love anything you can do with that idea and the whole style of the game."

The prompt is from two years ago, but the game is still available. I went and played it, then came back and read the fill and the comments.

I know Glee isn't any of your fandoms, so you don't have to read the fill. The part that I found interesting is all the comments saying how much of a headfuck the game was. That they all opened it thinking it's just a game, whatever, and came out feeling emotionally fucked up. They felt bad when the narrator got mad.

The thing is, when I tried to play and failed, it got upset at me, and I started anthromorphising it too. But I didn't feel guilty. I got mad. I was like FUCK YOU YOU ASSHOLE HOW DARE YOU CALL ME DISAPPOINTING YOU CAN EAT SHIT AND DIE. I WILL STAB YOU IN THE FACE. I'm not sure what to think about that. I'm too irrationally hostile to be emotionally abused? Is that BETTER?


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