Feb. 11th, 2013

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Okay, so in Dec/Jan my side-fandom was Glee. More specifically, I spent two weeks reading a 2 million word Kurt/Puck/Finn, and then another read reading a million word Kurt/Puck/Finn, written in huge 100k chunks. I basically live tweeted the whole time for that second fic, because it was like the fic of my SOUL. High School fic, poly, D/s, and stupid boys being faily. and MAKING YOUR OWN FAMILY. And not just trio poly. Of the main ABC triad A has 3 others, B has 1 and C has 5.

So I left this long comment essentially saying EVERYTHING YOU ARE IS PERFECT AND ALSO WRITE MORE PLZ. And she replied with 'on hiatus, actually, no one really likes this verse'. And in my head was like I WANT TO VOMIT AND DIE. Because I NEED THIS FIC TO LIVE. But I didn't want to be creepy, so I didn't say that. But when I saw last week she was starting a Finn/Puck WIP I was like I WILL COMMENT ON EACH CHAPTER SO YOU DON'T GET DISCOURAGED AGAIN. It was gonna be a sacrifice, because I hate WIPs. Except it again hit my kink buttons. And by "hit" I mean flaming elemental dragon punch. So on the second chapter I ended up getting off to it. And then I warned for TMI and told her. I was really worried about the comment I was going to get back, I expected an 'ew gross'. I got meta on the homosocial nature of anonymity. At that point I was pretty hearteyeing. And then she commented on a few of my fics while I did the whole OMG NOT WORTHY thing. And the ones she commented on were all part of the thing I did where I wrote Xander getting laid in each episode of Buffy.

And then I went over to K's house, and she has Netflix. And I was having some hardcore insomnia so I stayed up literally all night watching season one of Glee. 13 episodes. And I had all these Get Glee Laid ideas, same as Xander, so I wanted to tell her. So i logged in to see if you had a LJ or DW to comment on somewhere that wasn't a fic, and you only have tumblr, which I don't have. So then I decided to be a creeper and just backread your tumblr anyway, even though I couldn't use it to talk to you. And I was all ladada i agree with these 4-12 thoughts... lalala what ep is this amazing Puck/Kurt GIF from lalala oh it's a manip lalala OMG SHE HAS DONUTVERSE INSPIRATION FACE EXPLODES IN JOY^^^^. *five minutes of staring at computer in silence, just grinning* (left on a random fic of hers on ao3, as well as plot outlines for like five fics)

^^^donutverse being the 1000k fic. Also, her tumblr said she had a new lease on it because SOMEONE LEFT A REALLY LONG REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC COMMENT. I wonder who that was *cough cough*

And she answered this insane comment by giving me her email. But the Me Being Creepy And Crazy doesn't stop there folks. Because I got sick the next day. Really sick. Needing help to stand up and fever hallucinations sick. AND I SENT HER AN EMAIL. And I only realised like three days later that what I sent her was literally gibberish and blather. But somehow none of it scared her off. Better than that? She told me she liked my writing and she wanted to co-fic. So I sent her a brainstorming email with a ton of random ideas (my brain is like a fic meme, I have endless ideas) and she picked one.

We only had a matching schedule/time to write on Sunday. In that one session we wrote 8555 words. And figured out how to turn the general idea into poly D/s with making your own family. (They're already high schoolers). 8500 and the pairing hasn't even had sex yet. It's going to be SO. LONG. I'd say "fuck my life" but I mean the opposite of that, really.

Moral of the story? Being a creeper online PAYS OFF. Good things happen when you have absolutely zero self-restraint. :DDDDD

ETA: WIP fic got 2 more chapters, and there was something crazy-hot in chapter 4 that I got off to. And told her, because at this point why the fuck not? And her reply was "Yeah, I wrote that in for you" HOW AWESOME IS THAT?


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