Jan. 31st, 2013

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So I read my first hockey fic tonight. Halfeatenmoon gave me a link, and since we have pretty similar fic-tastes, and I've loved a lot of the things she's written I figured why the fuck not? Here are some opinions about hockeyfic (eta this one):

-The entire first sex scene I pictured the two hockey players in full hockey gear. Jerseys, pads, socks over the pants. In Montreal Canadiens colours, more specifically.
-When I started reading my mental image for Sidney Crosby was Tom Welling from Smallville. At some point I got curious enough to google him. He looks NOTHING like Tom Welling. I shook my head to get his real image out of my head, and continued imagining Tom Welling doing all the stuff.
-This nickname thing is out of control. I have no idea how many people are in each group scene because each person goes by their first name, their last name, a nickname, and a nickname that's their last name except a few letters different. I can't stop imagining like 30 people in each scene.
-Then they mention the season ending and everyone going back home and I know that this is NOT a fandom I can handle. I have a thing about friends and abandonment. Part of the reason bandom is so amazing is because they live in a bus together for months at a time. Some dude named Geno went to Russia and Sidney is going to miss him. I have no idea who either is but I sort of want to cry.
-Also this closeted thing is SERIOUSLY NOT WORKING FOR ME. My stance has always been 'tell everyone, punch everyone that says something bad', and Gerard's "homophobes, get out of our concert, stop buying our cds" and Gabe's kissing random guys works a lot better for me than this closeted thing.
-Whoever Colby is, I like his attitude. I could possibly read more with him. Again, not googling, but sort of imagining Erik from Trueblood.
-Ovechekin looks like Mickey Rourke in my brain. Pretty much identical to his Ironman 2 role. This is probably not accurate.
-yay he came out and his team is cool with it. ABOUT FUCKING TIME. God this closeted thing is bullshit. They're trying to get him a boyfriend. It's awesome.
-dude, Sidney, you are so fucking co-dependant with this Geno guy. This is totally one of those bandom fics where Brendon and Spencer are married without being married and everyone else in Decaydance finds it hilarious. JUST BONE HIM ALREADY, PETE WENTZ COMMANDS IT.
-and then they boned, after Geno got hardcore jealous and trashed a public bathroom. ...not the way bandom would have done it, seems kinda Hermione-sending-a-flock-of-birds-at-Lavenger to me, but whatever. Happy ending yay!

So that was my first hockey fic. I could maybe read more? Not with Jonathon Toews though, because he's a friend of my cousin and that's a liiiiittle bit fourth-wall for me. I hope this summary amused hockey fandomers on my flist.


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