Jan. 27th, 2013

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Today I went to a babyshower, and it was fun. I never realise how many half cousins I have until we're all in a room together, and then BAM where the fuck did these seventy/one hundred people come from???. Truth be told, I like M better. He's my 8 month old baby cousin. R's only 2 months. R's still all floppy and you have to be super careful, M's crawling and interacting. Fun \o/

But it was a brunch thing, and we got home at the time that I usually get out of bed, so I went for a nap. And when I got up, I went on twitter. CUE NIGHTMARE.

Basically my thoughts boil down to "I feel really bad that all the fans feel bad". Because for me the whole debacle has two distinct barriers from affecting me emotionally.

1) I am from the SIRIUS BLACK ISN'T DEAD school of fandom. I like AUs and I cannot lie. Yeah, in RL Mikey cheated. In fanfic, Mikey is a hamster! Or a space pirate. Or dating his brother. Space pirate!Mikey doesn't even have a significant other. I'm not going to have a problem reading or writing fic where high school Mikey is a werecat. Fuck canon!

2) Since I've had friends that have sex, (about eight years?) I haven't witnessed a single relationship where either one or both of the parties haven't cheated. It's not like I don't think cheating is shitty. It totally is. I've just seen it SO MUCH that it's become just another facet of all of my friends characters. Cheating is something stupid that people do that they shouldn't, like driving stoned, or gossiping. I don't like it, but it's not going to end my interest in a person.

But I know a lot of you are really really upset right now. I wish I could hug you all. Maybe try reading Panic fic for a bit? Or go to a secondary fandom. Just don't leave forever, because Pete Wentz needs your love. And hockey players aren't as cute as Frank.


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