Jan. 22nd, 2013

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It is fucking intensely cold in Winnipeg right now. I've seen people complain about snow on Twitter. I WANT SNOW. SNOW MEANS THE AIR IS WET/WARM ENOUGH FOR IT TO SNOW. GIVE ME YOUR SNOW With the windchill it's currently -43. It's supposed to get stay that temperature (or get colder) until Friday. On the news tonight we were informed that for the next few days you can only pick up your mail at post offices, because it's dangerously cold for postal workers to deliver mail and they've been recalled. The weather channel says that exposed skin can get frostbite in 2-5 minutes. My iPod malfunctioned on the way to the bus.

ETA: I just googled to check if it's true. The entire article was about how the phrase "it's too cold to snow" isn't accurate, that it can snow at any temperature. That if you say that phrase you just don't understand science. And then it says If the air cools to truly frigid Arctic temperatures such as -40 C and below then the moisture capacity of the air will be so low that likely not much snow can occur. Only at these extremely low temperatures is the phrase "it is too cold to snow" fairly valid. YEAH THAT'S WHAT I FUCKING THOUGHT. TOO COLD TO SNOW.

In other news, I started to write a Porn Battle fill. After getting 2600 words in I decided FUCK IT, THIS IS A BIG BANG. So I'm totally saving it for a few months and writing it for polygamybb.

I wrote The Knock Knock Knock When She Cries for no_tags, the one where Grace is a reincarnation of Mother War. Because fuck yeah to worldbuilding. Like, what could possibly be more fun than making Killjoys and Black Parade crossover?

If any of you are down for Canadian content, I rec watching Cracked, as well as Lost Girl. They're very very different, but both quite good. I'm also enjoying Canada's Greatest Know It All on Discover channel, because the happiness I get from knowing an answer makes up for the grumpiness when I don't. And then NOT Canadian, but new and good is The Following. Serial killers and cults and a lot of meta- what more could a woman want?


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