Jan. 8th, 2013

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So day five of Snowflake is SUPER in my wheelhouse. As shocks no one, I am a multi-shipper with more fandoms than I can count. IE: I did the 25 fics for 25 fandoms challenge for Kink Bingo when it was running, and I'm doing it a second time over Amnesty with a communal card. Some fandoms are obvious forerunners- bandom, HP, Skins, Buffy, Xmen, Avengers, MacDonald Hall, they're staple fandoms that each took a turn being a main fandom of my fannish lifespan. But I'm always looking for something new and random to write. In my opinion if I get to the end of a book, tv show, or movie and a voice in my head isn't going is there fic for this the creator hasn't done their job.

And honestly, if there aren't at least two background characters that have chemistry I consider it bad writing. I don't care if it's hatesex, manipulative sex, best friends, once-while-drunk, totally soulmates, I want to ship people with more people. Generally speaking though, the more the better. Like Skins. I can't think of a hookup combo I WOULDN'T read. Or hell, HP. Justin Finch Fletchly/everyone!

This is a bit of a cheat, because I'm not providing links to finished fics. But my to-do list is so long, and my WIP list is even longer, and I made a resolution to finish things before starting new things. So in lieu of full fic, have synopses for three new fandom fics for squares on my KB table.


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Day eight of snowflake- fandom goals.

1) 18 more Avengers fics for kink bingo amnesty.
2) 24 any-fandom fics for Kink Bingo amnesty's communal cards.
3) 9 Waycest fics for Waycest kiss bingo.
4) 14 Waycest+1 fics for second kiss bingo card.
5) finish uploading to ao3. (I was nearly done, but then I did Bandom Advent and I have another 24 to add)
6) Give serious consideration to what to do about HP and ao3. All other fandoms are already uploaded, but you have about five years of Harry Potter, not all of which is good writing. Possibly only post things from fests? Fests tend to be your best fics in that fandom.
7) Rewatch first three seasons of Glee so you can write a canon compliant Glee 12some. (you want to read one, and you can't find any, so instead of whining, do it yourself)
8) Pre-make that Avengers artwork so if the ReverseBB does a second round you are prepared.
9) Choose which 2 of about 17 BB outlines you'll be writing for BBB.
10) You only read the stuffsit fic written for yourself. You need to go back and read all the other fics.

Okay, and speaking of? I wrote the Bob Is An Immune To Werewolves Hooker fic, and literally no one was surprised. Everyone that speculated about who wrote it guessed me. I suppose if I really wanted to strive for anonymity I shouldn't write an oddly constructed alternate universe with multiple primary pairings and background polygamy. BUT THAT'S SO FUN! Poly and AUs are my JAM.
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I need help so I can finish this project. I'm doing Avengers jewelry, and can only use two primary/secondary colours.

Black Widow- black/red
Hawkeye- black/purple
Ironman- red/gold (replaced by yellow)
C.A.- red/blue
Hulk- I thought green/purple, but google images seems to think green/yellow. Your opinion?
Thor- I HAVE NO IDEA. Every way I phrase 'Thor symbols' google is just showing damn Mjolnir. silver/brown is not going to work.


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