Jan. 2nd, 2013

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Things (because I work best with lists)

-I haven't written a New Years wordcount, because I seriously cannot be assed to make the spreadsheet necessary. But I wrote in Marvelbb, polybb, crossoverbb, werewolfbb, bbb1 and bbb2, so that's at least 90k, and then 50k between 4 reverse bigbangs, and then I did Christmas Advent, with each fic averaging out to 1.5k so that's about 35k, and then I blacked out kink bingo, and there was a bunch of other random fics, all at least a k. So probably 210k in 2012? Maybe a little less. *shrugs* Lower than the last two years, but still a decent number.

-My computer desk is the dining room table, which means I had to put all my stacks of notes away. When I pulled them out again I decided to organise them. I have 7 different big bang outlines. And that doesn't include any of the outlines already typed out in a file on my laptop. MOAR HOURS IN DAE, PLZ.

-I did Yuletide for the first time this year. I got an great fic, and the person I wrote for liked hers so much she commented on it twice. This has been an excellent exchange and I want to do it every year. Stuffsit was equally great. I wonder if I'll get Waycest again next year. Not that I'd mind. Waycest is the shit. I just think it's funny that my signup hasn't changed, and it has a list of 2 pairings and 11 different moresomes, and both years I get Waycest.

-I still haven't watched Doctor Who's Christmas special. I need to get on that, because soon/eventually they'll air more of the season, and I need to be up to date with who-can-possibly-dare-replace-Amy-and-Rory.

-What's the longest fic you've ever read? Did you have a problem with forgetting the start by the time you're in the middle? Because this fic is 1,722,000 words. And I'm on part 46 of 96. And all I know is that Puck and Kurt and Finn belong together. 0___0 Nearly two million words of a trio can really brainwash a person.


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